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The stories in Escape Velocity range far and wide in location—from rural Thailand and Costa Rica, to the Pacific Northwest—and plot—the stark realities of a village childhood in Thailand, the familial loss of a wealthy couple, a grocery store gambit for love, a homeless fisherman in Seattle, and more.

Woven throughout these stories is the common thread of desperation and struggle, characters wrrestling with internal or external, or even imagined, obstacles.

Vincent G. Barnes tells these stories with a light sense of irony, and humor, a touch of the sinister and the absurd, driving to the core of the human experience. The choices we make and how they define us.

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Six years have passed since the war

the rocks still in place

we have learned

they keep us warm and safe

and yet the war implicates us

and they are killing

wolves in packs now

or breaking them into dogs.

~from We Learned to Howl Like Wolves 


Having walked in the room, you are confronted by a surprise that sparks anxiety at the mere presence of another, and you begin to appraise the moment. You say this is always how it was going to happen to me. A long day of busing tables, followed by song of hard days’ work only to be enamored by a muse. Suddenly a strong confidence arises. Something like destiny. “I am supposed to meet this person here” and now I will only speak in my highest esteem. From the beginning to end it is filled with error, but there is nothing that will stop the possibility being explored. Discourse, poetry and desire fill the night and the months to come. 

You see there are manners by which to engage a muse and I was determined to learn them. Thus I hung myself from the moon while courting the muse.

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Is molluscry the same as laziness?



No, not altogether. The lazy flow with the tide. The mollusc uses forces to resist pressure. It’s amazing the amount of force a mollusc will use, to do nothing, when it would be so much easier to do something. It’s no fool, you know, it’s often the most artful creature, it wriggles and squirms, and even fights from the instinct not to advance. There are wonderful things about molluscry, things to make you shout with laughter, but it’s sad enough, too—it can ruin a life so, not only the life of the mollusc, but all the lives in the house where it dwells. 

And with this pronouncement, Tom Kemp diagnoses his sister Dulcie's 'condition.'

Having swept back into upper class England from the wilds of Colorado, Tom endeavors to put an end to Dulcie Baxter's tenacious molluscry. But he finds his work cut out for him as he sets in motion an unhinging of her carefully orchestrated domestic machinery. Enlisting the help of Mr. Baxter and the beleaguered governess, Miss Roberts, Tom is determined to turn the tide. 

What results is a delightful comedy of manners, family, love, and loyalty, and a window on Edwardian class differences and ambitions.

Third Place Press and Outsiders Inn are proud to present Hubert Henry Davies' hit play to a new generation of theatre lovers. 

Three Men in a Boat: To Say Nothing of the Dog Cover Image
By Jerome K. Jerome, A. Frederics (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781609440992
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Published: Vertvolta Press - November 30th, 2016

Jerome K. Jerome’s classic comedy of English gentlemen bumbling across the countryside has amused and entertained generations of readers.

It was first published in 1899, and despite the often hostile reviews from critics, sold thousands of copies around the world.

Three Men in a Boat details the escapades of George, Harris, J. (Jerome),  and Montmorency, a fox terrier, as their attempt at an idyllic cruise up the River Thames from Kingston Upon Thames to Oxford, quickly spins out of control.

The men soon encounter locals and wildlife who hinder or help them on their journey, and miraculously amid the shenanigans, Jerome crafts a detailed travelogue of the region and its cultures. 

The King in Yellow: And Other Stories Cover Image
ISBN: 9781609440961
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Published: Vertvolta Press - December 15th, 2015

"I remembered Camilla’s agonized scream and the awful words echoing through the dim streets of Carcosa. They were the last lines in the first act, and I dared not think of what followed—dared not, even in the spring sunshine, there in my own room, surrounded with familiar objects, reassured by the bustle from the street and the voices of the servants in the hallway outside. For those poisoned words had dropped slowly into my heart, as death-sweat drops upon a bed-sheet and is absorbed."


The elusive, mysterious play ‘The King in Yellow,’ weaves through several of the stories in this collection, which blends a variety of genres showcasing Chambers’ vast literary talent.

Highly acclaimed at the time of publication in 1895, and for many years afterward, The King in Yellow became the touchstone and inspiration of many generations of writers, including H. P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Karl Edward Wagner, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Robert Heinlein, and many others.

It was Chambers’ ability to integrate dread suspense, while alluding to supernatural events, that became influential in defining the tone of  20th century horror and fantasy, and helped define a literary movement often referred to as Weird Fiction.

D'Orcy's Airship Manual: An International Register of Airships with a Compendium of the Airship's Elementary Mechanics Cover Image
ISBN: 9781609440831
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Published: Vertvolta Press - November 30th, 2016

Featuring dozens of photographs and blueprints of various dirigibles around the world in the early 20th century,D'Orcy's Airship Manual records in detail the wide array of airship designs and the details of their mechanics, the countries they belonged to, and much more.

The four exclusive essays included in this book allow the reader to step into the mind of D’Orcy and experience his bright intellect. D'Orcy's influence and understanding of the early days of World Aviation has been largely forgotten until now.
Third Place Press is proud to introduce D’Orcy and his writings to 21st century readers.

Pioneer Days on Puget Sound Cover Image
ISBN: 9781609440510
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Published: Vertvolta Press - January 10th, 2010

READ! a firsthand account of the trials and tribulations of Seattle founding residents! Political rivalries! Native tribe encounters! Devastating fire!

IMAGINE! a Seattle of mud and trees and nary a single coffeehouse!

LEARN! just what it took to build a metropolis out of raw material and natural elements in an environment where nature reigns with a firm grip!

Arthur Denny's chronicle of events in the first days of Seattle and his later success as a businessman and politician, originally published in 1903, has found a place in the Rediscovery Editions library after decades of being unavailable.

SKU: 9780692219980

All the World’s a Stage: Remembered Scenarios of a Minor Player is the story of Cleta Rogers Hughes’ own Odyssey, triggered at the age of five when a precognitive dream traumatically incised her extroverted personality with the interiority of a metaphorical traveler. Her life’s episodes are full of colorful characterizations, traumatic scenes, and portraits of famous literary and theatrical visitors. The University of Washington’s Drama Department in Seattle and its regional and national impact from 1930 - 1960 are a major subject. The book’s later chapters take us along on Cleta’s dramatic adventures in Europe with the gallant French diplomat who would become her second husband and a cadre of international characters living in Monte Carlo during the reign of Princess Grace. The author’s interior Odyssey eventually finds closure through the mentoring of Carl Jung, the Swiss analytical psychologist famous for his unique theories of the Unconscious Mind. 


Born in Texas during the Depression years, Cleta Rogers Hughes grew up a bookworm in the tiny town of Troy and eventually took to the stage, studying drama first at Texas Christian University and later at the University of Washington, where she met and married the famed playwright Glenn Hughes, founder of the UW’s renowned Drama Department. Her fascinating life’s journey takes her from the world of theater to motherhood, to international society and eventually to teaching, where she reveled in sharing the riches of the Humanities and the English Language with her beloved students. 

SKU: 9780984306046

Welcome to a modern day Chinatown. Amidst the acerbic charms of the American expatriate community of Guanajuato, Mexico, the line dividing the private from the political collapses when a wealthy and respected woman of the people is found murdered.

There is a saying that one’s art takes one to places never dreamed of. This is certainly true of renowned independent comics creator Roberta Gregory—and in this delightfully entertaining book, you are invited along for the ride.
She has been invited to so many events overseas she has lost track of them. And her travels to book signings and conventions are not only entertaining stories about budget travel, but also fun-filled reminders that life is just as much about the journey as the destination—thanks to the friendship and generosity of those who appreciate her work.
Begin in Roberta’s home of Seattle, and join Bruce Taylor in accompanying her on cross-country adventures on Amtrak. Tag along with Roberta’s pal Donna Barr in two rollicking road trips through the Midwest and the California desert, and then travel overseas to Spain, Portugal and Sweden.

A Sweet Death Cover Image
By Claude Tardat, Erin K. Wilson (Translator)
ISBN: 9781609440152
Availability: On our shelves now at one or more of our stores
Published: Vertvolta Press - December 1st, 2010

“The fundamental inanity of existence has already pierced my heart, and I know now that only cakes have any savor.”
In a tiny room under the Parisian rooftops, a precocious student concocts a rather unusual plan for a simple task: suicide. A dizzying array of desserts—pastries, chocolates, cookies, custards and more—are the instruments of her demise.
A Sweet Death is the macabre and humorous record of a young woman’s eccentric progression. A rumination on life, literature, philosophy, fashion, love, and—most importantly—food.
By turns sumptuous, horrific and hopeful, Claude Tardat’s novel is an original and compelling exploration of what it means to be alive.

The author’s first footprints in the area of his Peace Corps teaching assignment in 1964 were washed away by raging flood waters. At the end of his four-year tour, a Thai colleague reminded Mr. MacLeod of a local idiom: Ban Mi mud is sticky, his way of reminding the author that he had left a favorable impression and good works, but also that Ban Mi—indeed, Thailand—would have a lasting hold on his heart. That has been true for more than forty years of various teaching, research, and travel experiences.
This memoir tells stories of adventures, people, and teaching. Besides being an expression of a love affair with things Thai, it testifies to the truth that most effective
teachers are made, not born.
Footprints in the Mud offers the reader interesting material about Thailand and an American’s relationship to it, while also providing a look at the long career of a teacher. The author’s hope is that his affection for things Thai and love of teaching will be contagious!

SKU: 9781935662228

American Book Award-winner Anna Odessa Linzer's new novel tells the story of Fish Town, a self-invented community that took root along the banks of the north fork of the Skagit River, near La Conner, Washington in the 1960s. The story is told by a young woman named Rose, recollecting her childhood, and an older man, Leo, recalling his late-in-life romance with both the place and the people of Fish Town. Poet Mike Dillon, writing in The Capitol Hill Times, says of this "subtle, knowing" book that it "nails the culture wars of the '60s and '70s all too believably--the hubris and hypocrisy and genuine hopes of those years ... A novelist can do no vetter than to remind us of what it feels to be alive in the world."

SKU: 9780615332918

What does Ben Wallace do when uncontrollable events happen to him? He gets stronger. Ben’s girlfriend is pregnant and he is called up from the reserves to go to war in this vivid, compelling, and enlightening second novel from Matt Briggs.

Ben desperately wants to fight in a war “to experience something that would transform me into something else.” He is exploited by Sergeant Mice (in a relationship similar to Lennie and George from Of Mice and Men)
because of his physical strength. Ben lives his life according to ideas or myths, which include war, family, the desert, and what it means to be a man in America. The Strong Man wants to show us what’s behind these myths, “Like most things, when I thought too much about them, I didn’t know what they were: mango juice that was mostly apple juice, leather that was mostly plastic,and cheese that was mostly wax.”
— Laurie Blauner, author of All This Could Be Yours and Infinite Kindness

Have you deferred your dream of writing? Do you long for a time when you’ll finally find the time to write? In We Came to Say, you’ll read memoir from twenty-six busy people just like yourself who have made the time to write. These writers—among them, you’ll find a doctor, a bartender, a yoga instructor, a Realtor, numerous mothers, and at least two former attorneys— have all come to writing after establishing careers and lives full of family, friends and the other obligations that fill our schedules. Here, they share their remarkable stories of loss, hope, forgiveness, transformation, grief and triumph. These voices speak to the grace of ordinary life; these writers prove that no matter how full your life is, you can make the time to write.

SKU: 9781609440244

Gabriel D. Bogart, aka Rev. Gabelicious, was born in the Spring of 1975 to parents who would struggle to hide their Hippie leanings. Even as a very small child, he was acutely aware of the importance and breadth of sound and music.

Though, as a young boy in Alaska, he learned that the crashing of thrown rocks could be the loudest noise. Very quickly, he would be illuminated by a passion for HipHop that has never waned and this bore much influence on his approach to poetry. The Rev. currently resides in Seattle with his two turntables and a stack of records.

SKU: 9781609440145

After the Greenland ice cap suffers an abrupt and catastrophic collapse, Earth’s climate suddenly changes, turning the planet into a horrendous stormworld. Against this backdrop, men and women in the Cascade Seed Repository valiantly struggle to protect the food supply of civilization…

What motivates a popular talk show host to quit his career and become an auctioneer?
Why does an ambitious advertising exec abandon her successful business to become a healing coach?
How does a successful technical writer switch gears and become a special education teacher?
If you are considering a career change you will want to read these stories of successful career changers. They will boost your confidence in making a change and excite your thinking as to the possibilities. The end notes provide practical guidelines for navigating transition and suggested resources that will help you to focus your research. Most importantly, this book will reassure you that no matter what your age, there is very little difference between obstacles and opportunities once you are open to change.

SKU: 9781609440213

28-year-old Mia Labont is going insane. Or is she?

After enduring the loss of her beloved father and a devastating miscarriage, she cannot surface from the depths of her depression, so much so that her husband, Dan arrives home to find her suffering a breakdown with a gun in her hand. They are launched into a perilous journey of madness when Mia starts to see grisly images in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. The terrifying events become vivid, manifestations of a teen—but is he real or illusion?

Mia must untangle a web of clues that will determine destinies, yet Dan is the only one who can save her. Will he reach her in time?

“Imanol”, I said, “tengo vergüenza (I am embarrassed), I can’t get in line with my plate and spoon.”
“Arantza, la vergüenza se guarda en los polsillos (keep your shyness in your pocket),” he answered to me.

I will never forget those words.
We were in Arenys de Mar staying in a rooming house. There were three of us in one room: Imanol, 14 years old, Duni 11, and me, 9 and a half. We had to go to eat in a soup kitchen in town. The town was packed with refugees of the Spanish Civil War that had started in the Summer of 1936, when I was 7 years old. We were bombed out of the Basque Country. My mother had died in the bombing of Carranza (Vizcaya). We were in a farm house when the bombs began to fall while we were eating “arroz con leche” (rice pudding), my favorite dessert. There were many bombings, including the most notorious: Guernica, the city that symbolized Basque ethnicity, was destroyed with incendiary bombs. There was an outcry all over the world, because the planes that were used were mostly German. There were thousands of victims of the Axis nations: German, Italian and Franco-Spain.

This is the story of one of the many thousands of refugees who left Spain for camps in France, and later, to a new life in the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Eager to escape the earthbound confines of adult rules and responsibilities, Mike Jones runs away to the Nether World with pirate Captain Dreadful to seek a new life in Pirate Peril, the First Voyage, of this three book series. Many surprises and challenges await him as he meets peasants and princesses, witches and kings. Some try to kill him. Some teach him about heroism.

"For her estate sale, I nailed my mother’s twenty seven girdles to the wall of her bedroom.

Girdles, instruments of torture that impede the breath, and imprison joy were emblematic of her repressive influence. Even when she lay dying, she had the energy to tell me to put my knees together."

Sometimes a sense of the absurd was all she had, but finally the elastic was no longer binding. It had taken 35 years to extricate herself from a repressive fundamentalist upbringing, an emotionally disturbed mother and an alcoholic father. In her late forties, Elena finally fell in love with her own life. The influence of an exotic aunt, a Buddhist singing teacher, a psychoanalyst as stubborn as she was, the wisdom of her music students, and the pilot light of her own spirit, hidden for decades under depression, helped her find her way.

SKU: 9781609440367

For those of you who know a person with a disability and for those of you who don't, I wrote this book to give you a glimpse into my story, and what goes on in the life of a person with a disability. Though I cannot speak for other people like myself, I want to open up the door to create dialogue among people with disabilities and in the community as a whole.
My goals are simple. I want to share my personal experience and for others like me to open up amongst themselves and share their experiences as well, and to hear what it's really like. Through open dialogue, I want able-bodied people to learn about us and not be afraid of people with disabilities. In that way, we can have a more balanced relationship and be able to interact with each other as normally as possible. That step would enable us to be able to understand, that though each of us is unique and from different backgrounds, we're all the same.

SKU: 9781609440480

It’s high drama on the Canadian-Montana border when mountain man and ex-rodeo star Jack Conner teams up with FBI special agent Tony Varano. Hang on for a non-stop action thriller, wilderness style.

"This was important because Yuri and Mo had specific instructions. If they encountered any law enforcement officers, they were to elude them. If this was not possible, their orders were to kill both of the men, activate the transponder and bury it with the package. The two men could not be captured alive. The package could not be compromised under any circumstances. There was to be no radio or cell phone contact with anyone. The GPS was to be used only for seconds at a time, even though their units employed sophisticated scramblers to avoid detection."

Chapbook of original poetry and related lyrics as they were used with the band Wormwood, 1997 - 2008. Professionally printed at local book press Third Place Press.

- Comprehensively expanded from original dead/asleep titles printing, including draft lyrics for unrecorded songs
- Includes complete Wormwood discography
- Features woodcut illustrations in the public domain
- Perfect-bound, 60pp

SKU: 9781609440466

SYBIL SUMMER, 75, can still fly, which is lucky because it’s the only way she, her son TEDDY, grandson BRIAN, and her crippled friend SEBASTIAN are going to escape the Homelanders. The year is 2030. Frightened by a series of terrorist attacks, most Americans hide within walled communities, depending on an expanded Department of Homeland Security for safety. Now the “Homelanders” want Teddy for murder, and probably treason as well.

The narrative switches between 2030 and 1978, as Sybil remembers or retells the events of that earlier summer, a journey to a Grateful Dead show at Red Rocks, and tragedy on a mountainside in Colorado.

“Dived in one end of ‘Year of the Crow’ and came up gasping for breath on the other, savagely well entertained. Some remarkably true-to-life Grateful Dead literary concert footage, performed with affection and irrepoachable insider perspective, makes this book a candidate for the archives. My favorite Dead tale to date.” ~Robert Hunter, The Grateful Dead.

SKU: 9781609440381

When 17-year-old Annie McGee visits a Marine Corps recruiting office, she learns little about opportunities for women in the Corps, but recruiters show her that she can drink on base and that smoking dope is okay, too.

She joins the Marines to leave her large Catholic family in Seattle, find her identity as a young woman, serve her country, and learn skills for a job. In this coming of age novel set in the late 1970s and early 80s, McGee and the other female recruits find the true enemy: a misogynist Marine Corps. Besides being required to wear “Hooker Red” lipstick and girdles, they face peers, superiors, and prurient intelligence officers who want them to “prove” their heterosexuality, give sexual favors for advancement, and believe that they, as women Marines, are the cause of the hostility and sexual violence they face.

Written during the era of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” but set in the era when homosexuals were banned from serving in the military, this novel offers a rare look into the lives of women—and men —who served.

SKU: 9781609440329

"Random Thoughts of a Wandering Mind" collects the various reminiscences and experiences of Seattle photographer and writer, Carl Sloan.

SKU: 9781609440435

This anthology collects A PRINCESS OF MARS, THE GODS OF MARS, and WARLORD OF MARS, the first three books in Burroughs' classic Barsoom series.

John Carter, a Confederate veteran of the American Civil War, runs afoul of Apaches while prospecting in Arizona immediately after the war’s end. While attempting to evade pursuit by hiding in a sacred cave, he is mysteriously transported to Mars, called “Barsoom” by its inhabitants.
In this exotic, deadly world Carter experiences heightened physical abilities and encounters a variety of beings, including the Tharks, a nomadic tribe of Green Martians, and befriends a mighty warrior and chief, Tars Tarkas.

John Carter’s life on Barsoom is filled with political intrigue, battles and near-escapes, loss and joy, and love—in the form of Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium.

This anthology collects the first three novels in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ legendary BARSOOM series, rediscovered and reconstructed for 21st century readers.

This edition is exclusive to Third Place Books with cover art by Celeste Gomez.

SKU: 9781609440503

Remember that special teacher, the one who believed in you, who inspired you to follow your dreams? Wayne Purdom was such a teacher. He coached young athletes in small town America for 40 years, inspiring many to attend college and pursue careers in education.

Cancer got him. While Wayne battled the painful, debilitating physical effects of prostate cancer, his students, teammates and friends began knocking at his door. They flocked to see him just one more time, to talk and laugh with him, to tell him of the impact he had made on their lives. This is the story of an ordinary man who had an extraordinary effect on others. He taught by example how to live a fulfilled life.

This is a story of one man’s walk down the long, painful cancer road and of his family who walked this walk with him.

SKU: 9781609440527

EN ROUTE FROM BRATISLAVA TO PRAGUE in the deceptive spring of the 1920s, Leoš Janáček, famed opera composer, ethnographer, and amateur psychologist, is stranded in an obscure and enigmatic mountain village, lured from his train by a song of blood. Here, Janáček must become a detective far from home. Attempting to solve a bizarre murder in which he himself is suspect — and whose perpetrator might be a wild animal, a jealous lover, or Nature unhinged — he brings to bear his singular skills of observation and poetic insight, and most importantly, his belief in the truthfulness of the “little melodies” heard in everyday life: the cry of a bird, the plash of snow from the eaves, the horrendous lie voiced with a smile. What he uncovers is a many-stranded aria of ravenous Nature and mischievous Time, threatening to consume his world.

Newly revised and expanded, On the Overgrown Path inaugurates David Herter’s First Republic trilogy, an epic tale of death and rebirth set in the hinterlands of Europe between the World Wars, featuring a group of real-life artists who clash with the clockwork of Time.

“Just as there are touches of D M Thomas’s The White Hotel (1981) in Herter’s depiction through his beloved Janáček of the warp and weave of a civilization under stress, so there are suggestions of Algernon Blackwood’s “The Willows”(1907) in the way he spells his great composer into tranced rapport with whatever breathes inside the wood and does not wish to be carved into music.”~John Clute

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BRNO, CZECHOSLOVAK REPUBLIC, 1931. Eight years before the Nazi invasions …

At the Theater on the Ramparts, a performance of the world-famous Robot play R.U.R is in rehearsal, attended grudgingly by its author, Karel Čapek. A former master of science fiction, Čapek now devotes himself to the here-and-now, writing small works vital to his beloved Republic. He finds little real pleasure in the proceedings but for the contributions of his brother Josef, a renowned avant-garde artist, and Pavel Haas, a disciple of the late eccentric composer, Maestro Leoš Janáček.

Yet in the midnight streets of the city, Haas has found a luminous enigma; or rather, it has found him, floating down out of the starry sky. Once activated it carries Haas, as well as the Brothers Čapek, the actors, robots and musicians, into a nightmarish world of Occupation, of immense devastation and fecund marvels, of dire transport East, setting in motion a terrifying siege and a phantasmagorical night journey leading from the Theater on the Ramparts to the lonely and now-forgotten cottage of Leoš Janáček.

Newly revised, The Luminous Depths is the second volume in the First Republic trilogy, an epic tale of death and rebirth set in the hinterlands of Europe between the World Wars, featuring a group of real-life artists who clash with the clockwork of Time.

The Luminous Depths has a richness of prose and a density of allusion and ideas reminiscent of authors like Aldiss and Wolfe —and, incidentally, it is a page-turning cracker of a horror story. Outside his homeland, Karel Čapek may be remembered primarily through his legacy of the term “Robot.” It is Herter’s achievement in this novella to lead us through the narrow window of that single chthonic word to a rich evocation of a fragile, doomed period of Central European history”~ Stephen Baxter

Teshub. Taru. Tarhun.
Known by many names, the Hittite lord of storms ruled over the pantheons of central Anatolia for over a thousand years. Several millenia later his name is still hailed in the high plateau of central Turkey.
Journey with The Cabiri as they visit the world of Kummiya and learn of the legacy of the Lightning God. Hear the stories of the performers, see concept art and the mythography used to create the story, and lose yourself in a novelization of the performance.

The Anunnaki Project is a multidisciplinary nonprofit arts organization that seeks to educate the public about the mythology and folklore of cultures that have passed into antiquity. Via its theatrical emissary, the Cabiri performance troupe, ancient myths are brought to life in spectacular live performance featuring contemporary dance, aerial acrobatics and puppetry. The organization also maintains a free online encyclopedia of terms from myth and folklore, hosts workshops on myth, and publishes written educational materials. For more information, visit and

SKU: 9780692015902

From the 1970s to the mid-1990s, Skip Voorhees ran Arctic Odysseys, a tourism program with a difference. Arctic Odysseys set out to connect the outside world with cultures and the climate of the Canadian Northwest Territories and Greenland.

Visitors would "get to know the Inuit as individuals rather than performers doing their choreographed thing, staged for an audience of hundered, if not thousands, of cruise ship passengers, many of whom wouldn't care two hoots for the nuances of the performer's culture..."

Arctic Odysseys provided (and continues to provide) an intimate and honest experience to travelers willing to follow along with Voorhees' broader social mission.

TALES OF THE ARCTIC is filled with stories of the peoples and landscapes of the Arctic, as well as the revelations and incidents that occured with visitors.

Willow Pattern 24 Hour Book Project Cover Image
ISBN: 9780987251435
Availability: Out of stock, usually available in 1-5 days
Published: Shire Press (Northshire Bookstore) - June 12th, 2012

9 writers. 24 hours. 1 book.

On 11 June 2012, if:book Australia gathered a team of writers and editors together with the challenge of writing, editing, and publishing a book within a single 24-hour period. Working at a furious pace, the team constructed a suite of stories interweaving a looming disaster, radio shock jocks, missing children, a beautiful vase, and a librarian named Sammi Bernhoff.

Willow Pattern is the result of their work.

F e a t u r i n g
Nick Earls

Steven Amsterdam

Krissy Kneen

P.M. Newton

Christopher Currie

Rjurik Davidson

Angela Slatter

Geoff Lemon

Simon Groth


Why has the memoir gained such a boost in popularity over the last fifteen years? Perhaps because contemporary readers yearn for the intimate companionship between storyteller and reader that this forthright genre offers. As a generation of readers, we crave authenticity. In We Came Back to Say’s twenty-five stories, you’ll find the extraordinary in these “ordinary” stories of love and loss, despair and hope. Some of the pieces here are funny, others sad, but all are true, and in all of them, you’re certain to find the story of our shared humanity.

Stories by:

Faren Bachelis, Christiane Banta, Sandy Barnes, Johna Beall, Paul Boardman, Robyne L. Curry, Wendy Staley Colbert, Jennifer Crowder, Carmen D’Arcangelo, Elizabeth M. Economou, Jean Engler, John Mace, Dana Montanari, Deli Moussavi-Bock, Peggy A. Nagae, Eleanor Owen, Julie Parks, Star Roberts, Natalie Singer, Joyce Tomlinson, Jeanne Verville, Kellini Walter, Sue Wiedenfeld, Amber Wong, Linda Zbigley. 

Just Because You're Suicidal Doesn't Mean You're Crazy: The Psychobiology of Suicide Cover Image
ISBN: 9781609440626
Availability: On our shelves now at one or more of our stores
Published: Vertvolta Press - August 1st, 2012

Randi Jensen has brought us a fascinating and illustrative view of suicide from the inside. After 24 years struggling with her own suicidality she gives us an insightful explanation of how suicidal thought develops over time through endorphin driven neural pathways.

She does this in a way that compels us to turn each page to learn more, to experience more, to garner more hope and understanding.

Moreoever, Jensen gives the world a new way of helping individuals who battle with suicidality—a way that plucks suicide out of the stigma of emotional instability and places it rightfully in the realm of psychobiology. This book is written in a way that you feel you are sitting with her having a deep and heartfelt conversation.

“With eloquence, compassion and a big dose of brain chemistry, Randi Jensen’s book provides a rich tapestry of information and support for those struggling to understand suicide. This is possibly the most useful self-help book ever—where else can one learn how to stay alive and help someone else stay alive? A must read for clinicians, family and friends.”

–Terry Courtney, MPH, L.Ac., former dean, School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Bastyr University

“The knowledge this book brings can save yourself or someone you love. Suicide has been on the rise across our society for many years, but the education this book brings could help change that. It dispels myths

and helps us understand the personal, psychological, and biochemical challenges millions of Americans face in their daily lives.”

– John H. Carver, MSgt, USAF (Ret) 

SKU: 9781609440688

It’s 1854—Paul Jackson and his family have been forced to flee from their farm to the nearby town of Seattle, to avoid being massacred by hostile Indians wanting to reclaim native and sacred lands.

Once the Jacksons have settled into their new Seattle home, they receive the gift of an orphaned new-born half-Indian and half-white girl from their Indian friend, Gus, the girl’s uncle. Mary Jackson names her Rosie and she is given the chance of a better life, growing up in the white-man’s world. Gus stays in contact with his niece and teaches her the ways of her native people.

Einar Svenson and Lars Larson jointly purchase a sunken steamboat and rebuild it to use as a passenger vessel on Puget Sound, naming it Tekallet. Rosie has grown into a beautiful young lady and offers to operate a food service on Tekallet. Thus friendships form, and eventually blossom into romance.

Captain Tom Trainer retires as an Air Force commando and moves to Stehekin Washington on the northern shore of Lake Chelan. Living next to the North Cascade National Park he finds a secluded peaceful community thriving with no shortage of colorful characters. Without strip-malls or big box stores, food is plentiful; gardens grow the best of organic crops. His cabin is unplugged and unwired yet warm and secure.

While living in a truly natural society a cataclysmic spread of a deadly virus ends the life of billions across the globe. Born in the filth and squalid conditions of a Central American city, it is the most virulent sickness since the Black Plague.

Only the most remote people survive; the world’s wilderness becomes the center of the world.

Communities surrounding the sixty mile-long Lake Chelan begin to die, but a handful recovers. With little connection to the outside world the small group of survivors had already learned to adjust to a life without TV, the Weather Channel, doctors, radio, internet, twitter accounts or cell phones.

Even with plentiful game and safe crops the happy fledgling communities find out their most immediate problem is the threat of opportunistic and violent thieves.

Living free of low and high level pollution the community discovers that the billions of gallons and pounds of trash and discarded toxic chemicals threaten their new society. 

Tom Trainer and his survivors find that even when living through an apocalypse in paradise they cannot ignore the past. 

Twilight on the Thunderbird: A Memoir of Quileute Indian Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9781609440718
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Published: Vertvolta Press - February 1st, 2013

“For much of his life, Howie has assembled the lore and language of his native people, supplementing his own copious writings (more than a million words) with tape recordings and his own drawings of the personalities he knew in the tribe, and depictions of the serene coastal village where they lived, La Push. He is a terrific artist, and for years he has been an art instructor in Seattle.

Some of Howie’s written documentation has involved the language of the Quileute, which has many complex sounds, such as one that requires putting the tongue up against the back of the teeth and blowing, like trying to say “L” in English. Anthropologists say the Quileute language is thousands of years old, going back farther than any native tongue in the Pacific Northwest. It was in that remarkable mode of communication that stories and lessons were passed on orally for thousands of years, an unwritten tradition going from tribal member to tribal member – a practice that is fading away with the passage of time. 

Now, with the Quileute nation assimilating into western culture, and the traditional ways of cKulell’s people vanishing (including their language), Howie feels an urgency to tell the story of his people, so that it will not be lost to the young men and women of his tribe. 

Here is a portion of that immense chronicle, written by an elder who knows his subject well…” ~From the Introduction by Brian Herbert.

The Outlaw's Journey: A Mythological Approach to Storytelling for Writers Behind Bars Cover Image
ISBN: 9781609440725
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Published: Vertvolta Press - September 1st, 2013

You live in a 6 x 8 foot cell.

You’re watched 24 hours per day.

You seldom get one moment to yourself to think a thought, take a leak, make a private phone call. You have little control over anything at all in your life. Unless you’re an innocent man, you’ve hurt someone and because you’re paying the consequences, you’re reminded of what you did every single day. Much of society has written you off, and depending on the kind of crime you’ve committed, does not want to see you out on the streets again any time soon, if ever. 

You’re an outlaw. You’ve taken a path that is literally outside of the law. And yet, even though you’re only too aware of all of the above, something else is also true. You’re a hero. There is indeed someone in charge of your life and that someone is you. You’re the hero of your life, hereafter called your journey. Your life is a story, and you’re the main character. 

The Outlaw’s Journey is single-handedly the most beneficial course I’ve ever taken. … I’ve found by being truthful, we learn the lessons life is teaching us. We learn our reasons to be and most of the time we learn that we already knew these things but didn’t know how to explore our truth until we began to walk the trail of a hero.” ~M.J.

The title says it all:

A Very Short and Terribly Inadequate Librarian-Bookseller Dictionary. 

SKU: 9781609440787

Andrew McGill and his sister, Helen McGill were wonderfully happy on their farm in the country until Andrew wrote a book and suddenly found himself famous as The Sage of Redfield and the author ofHappiness and Hayseed.

Perhaps it was because the publishers once referred to her as a “Rural Xantippe,” or perhaps it was the madness of the whole proposition or just a desire to have an adventure of her own that impelled Helen McGill to buy “Parnassus on Wheels,” the traveling book van, from the little red-beared “Professor” who drove into the yard one day. Too, it may have been the comic mixture of drollery and weather-beaten cynicism in the “Professor’s” face that lent excitement to the purchase. At any rate, she suddenly abandoned the baking of bread and drove off with the “Professor” with no attempt at an explanation to her brother.

This whimsical, fantastic little story is the record of their adventures, and of how the “Professor” brought the splendor of an ideal into her hum-drum life.

Third Place Press is proud to reintroduce Morley's Book-lover's Classic to 21st century audiences. 

Pastor Herman Young wrote sonnets and poems to Anna, his life-long love whom he nicknamed Ambrosia. These selected works span their courtship and the early years of their marriage, ending in 1916, the year before he died at age 46.

"Interesting, informative, well-written, Alien Invasion is a page-turner for readers to devour in one sitting, leaving them wanting more!" - Ariele M. Huff, author.

"An eye-opening and informative guide to what's going on in the world today and why--and what we can do in response." -Jefff Daughterty, Author & Radio Show Host.

"I suggest anyone with an interest in alien invasion theory, research or investigation may benefit from the information presented in this book." - Michael Adair, Author.

In the distant past, Reptilian star-travelers conquered humanity. These demon-possessed body-forms cruelly exploited and subjugated the humans. Another race of beings called Cetaceans came to help humans liberate themselves from Reptilian domination.

This is a true-story account of Cetaceans' efforts on Planet Earth. The narrator is Wuono, a Cetacean who has infiltrated the humans by merging with a human body-form. In this book you will discover deep secrets that have been hidden from you for centuries, namely, that there is a frequency war being waged between Reptilians and Cetaceans on Earth. 

SKU: 9781609440817

An exploration into the ephemeral fixture that is the always passing moment now, the compositions that frame Fig & Figment are incantations forged within the practice of pure psychic automATism. They hope to reflect a celebration of simple existential life, love, joy and silliness while acknowledging the fragility therein.


The magical is always searching for beauty and beauty is always finding the magical.


BRYAN DOUGLAS was born in 1978 on a giant marble floating through space that some of us call ‘Earth’. He lives in the City of Seattle.

SKU: 9781609440824

I don’t know who 

they are listening for 

and it won’t be 

reincarnated here

You won’t find 

Hemingway in 

my voice 

or Emily in my steps 

My sound will 

be more like

Tubman’s and Lorde’s

I want to free the caged bird 

and help Solomon find his song 

              ~ from ‘Judgement’

SKU: 9780989727600

I first met Ken Osborne in 2012, at a poetry reading in Redmond, Washington. He stood at the front of the room and read from a thick, loosely bound paperback book. At first, I was drawn by the music in his voice and by the way he lovingly handled certain turns of phrase. Ken is from the U.K., now settled here in the Pacific Northwest. At first, I thought the book was a collection of 19th-century English poets, and he was reading his favorites, as open mic readers often do. But then I learned that the man himself wrote these poems. He read to us about his mother, his father, his second homeland of Wales, of lost loves, old churches, the sound of the sea and the sound of battle.

I felt the hint of sonnets, of rhythmic ballads. And little did I know, once I agreed to proofread the book, that the task would become a deeper reading, an immersion, and

that our exchanges, in email and in coffeehouses, would blossom into friendship.

I urge you to read this book. There is a wistful, melancholic sigh in many of the poems, as they progress, like a beautiful dirge, down the long hall of memory. Osborne’s verbal style plays against strict verse forms. There is a density, an alliteration and internal rhyme that draws the

reader in. There is rage, hunger, longing, and playfulness. And occasionally, there is loving self-acceptance.

—Laura Lee Bennett, Board Member, Redmond Association

of Spokenword (RASP)

Little SAT Math Book Big Results Cover Image
ISBN: 9780989623605
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Published: Prepnorthwest Incorporated - August 9th, 2013

Proven strategies to increase your SAT Math score! 

Youtube video solutions using your phone, tablet or computer.

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This collection of poems expresses thoughts and memories that are significant to me.  I hope that they will strike chords in your lives and recall memories for you also.

SKU: 9781609440916

Sophie Fletcher is taking her dream vacation in the Land of Story, as she and her late father had called the island of Britain.


She doesn’t know why she’s suddenly able to see ghosts, but there they are: her mother, also dead these past two years, who wants help finding her husband’s spirit, and a 16th century soldier, who can’t resist following her. It seems Sophie is the spitting image of the woman he had loved and left, some 400 years before. How is she going to explain them to her two suitors, both very much alive? Doors that Sophie never knew existed are opening for her, doors that lead not only to the past but to possibilities she is only now beginning to comprehend. Ghosts of the Heart is a novel of hauntings, of myths old and new, of regrets past and present, and of love lost and found.

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The 1,217 poems entitled “Suite Polonaise” were written following my visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in July, 1992. For three days after my return to Paris, where I had spent the summer, I was extremely distraught. Each day was worse than the last, and I feared for my sanity.
Then, near midnight on the third day I was able to write a poem, and experienced a small relief. Another came the next day, then another the following.
This went on for three full years. I became surfeited, and spent a year working on revisions. Then the energy returned, and the one-a-day regimen, and I worked until more than 1,200 were done. I continued, almost constantly, to revise and rewrite until the summer of 2009.
It became clear that I could go on until I could write no more, and the work would still be incomplete, unsatisfactory—an enormous, unwieldly mountain of poems. So I have published that mountain.

SKU: 9781609440176

The 1,217 poems entitled “Suite Polonaise” were written following my visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in July, 1992. For three days after my return to Paris, where I had spent the summer, I was extremely distraught. Each day was worse than the last, and I feared for my sanity.
Then, near midnight on the third day I was able to write a poem, and experienced a small relief. Another came the next day, then another the following.
This went on for three full years. I became surfeited, and spent a year working on revisions. Then the energy returned, and the one-a-day regimen, and I worked until more than 1,200 were done. I continued, almost constantly, to revise and rewrite until the summer of 2009.
It became clear that I could go on until I could write no more, and the work would still be incomplete, unsatisfactory—an enormous, unwieldly mountain of poems. So I have published that mountain.

SKU: 9781609440183

The 1,217 poems entitled “Suite Polonaise” were written following my visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in July, 1992.  For three days after my return to Paris, where I had spent the summer, I was extremely distraught. Each day was worse than the last, and I feared for my sanity. 

Then, near midnight on the third day I was able to write a poem, and experienced a small relief. Another came the next day, then another the following.

This went on for three full years. I became surfeited, and spent a year working on revisions. Then the energy returned, and the one-a-day regimen, and I worked until more than 1,200 were done. I continued, almost constantly, to revise and rewrite until the summer of 2009.

It became clear that I could go on until I could write no more, and the work would still be incomplete, unsatisfactory—an enormous, unwieldly mountain of poems. So I have published that mountain.

SKU: 9780615919508

It is 1999 – an exciting time in Seattle. Tech companies are booming. New foundations are starting up. Garret Carter, an African-American lawyer, is hired by a conservation group to work on a land transaction containing old growth forest on the Skagit River. The land deal starts to come apart when the landowner’s son-in-law Dan Gibbs reveals his sympathies for a hate group in North Idaho.

All of Garret’s wits are tested when he discovers Gibbs hiding out on the property holding people at gunpoint. While confronting Gibbs, Garret must unravel the pitfalls and failings of his own life.

Garret’s dilemma and self-discovery are accompanied by Seattle’s jazz scene and Ruthie, a botanist and dancer, who helps open his eyes to the beauty of the Northwest.

“With a rich range of characters, Melissa Laird’s MESSING WITH GOD’S COUNTRY weaves an imaginative and intriguing story around many of the intricacies involved in securing and preserving a portion of one of the Pacific Northwest’s most treasured natural legacies.”

~Tony Angell, award-winning author, sculptor, artist and environmental educator.

SKU: 9780615911465

The year is 1855 and Annalee Campbell believes her entire life has been decided for her. She is destined, as her mother and her mother’s mother before her, to marry, have children, and toil along side a husband until she is old and withered. At fifteen years of age she obediently accompanies her family westward across the wide desert plains of wild America, in search of the dreams of her father. 

But a single tragic hour changes her life forever.

Over the course of the next forty-five years Annalee survives insurmountable challenges. Her life takes her from her birth place of Columbia, Missouri, across the plains of mid-nineteenth century America, to a society of Colorado Indians, to the debauchery of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast. She overcomes brutality, loss and loneliness.

Annalee has been a wife, a widow, a mother, a confidant, a counselor. 

Follow her journey across a continent, a century, and her lifetime in this story of prejudice, perspective, growth and survival.

SKU: 9780989988100

From the Preface:
Listening to the Corn is a collection of stories, of poetic moments that have presented themselves in living color before my very eyes…The “poems” that pop up often feel like holy moments.
As reflected in the lead story, “listening to the corn” means listening deeply to one another, even to what is unspoken, to what “corn” might represent for each person. The core: where a person is most alive, what really matters to him or her. Listening in this way, we are able to immerse ourselves in one another’s words and experience.
Listening to the corn also means listening to oneself, to one’s body, to one’s intuition.
It means paying attention to the movement of spirit, and to life as it happens all around us…Nudging and poking and uplifting, astonishing and swirling, questioning, and blessing…
Rita has taught me how to listen for everyday magic and helped me see the world through her eyes. She has a child’s delight in discovery, and the soul of a wise woman. The gift to us is that she is able to put experiences into words in a way that allows all of us along for the daily joy ride, no matter what street.
~Peggy Sturdivant Cancer Lifeline Writing Facilitator.
Author, Out of Nowhere.

These poems came from a Survivor not from a Winner.

They are meant to console, enlighten, or just please others who feel shoved out of society for, hopefully, just awhile.

SKU: 9780615993799

Desmond Stavi was just biding his time as a nightclub bouncer in Haifa, looking forward to the day when he could open his own place. 

The day Jesus showed up changed all that.

What a pain in the ass.

It wasn’t bad enough that The Lord didn’t have a clue as to why the Second Coming was such a big deal; He also didn’t have a place to stay.

Desmond saved Jesus from another crucifixion, that’s for sure, but he also looked after Him, got Him a job, and even taught Him how to bend at the waist.

What Jesus did for Desmond in return took a real set of balls, and a woman’s touch.

Praise for Throwing Sticks and Skipping Stones:

Throwing Sticks and Skipping Stones is a humorous, heart warming, good for the soul book. This book is filled with true life stories exerpts, life lessons, thoughts, and rants on every subject possible. Some of these topics make you laugh until your sides hurt. Other stories remind the reader to take advantage of the important things in life. All of the stories are entertaining.

I suggest that you take this book, sit yourself down on a bench or under a tree on a beautiful spring day. Then, relax and let your busyness and worries fall away and enjoy the read.”

~ Tami Brady, Book Pleasures

Walking on Trees: Views from the Back Country Cover Image
ISBN: 9780991494002
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Published: Russell Hanbey - August 13th, 2014

Travel along as these stories carry the reader into the North Cascade Mountains of Washington and beyond.  

A back country worker’s relationship with the land sets the stage for most of these accounts, yet more is offered up as the author goes afoot in Alaska and Ireland. 

Over 30 summers in the field with the Forest Service and the Student Conservation Association come alive as experiences are shared that can be tragic, amusing, ordinary, and always life changing.


"In Walking on Trees, Russ Hanbey takes readers back to the heyday of Forest Service wilderness rangering in the Pacific Northwest. Hanbey is a seasoned woodsman, a keen observer, and a crack storyteller. His tales are rich with the pungent scent of fir smoke, the clear air of a mountaintop fire lookout, and the everyday joys and challenges of a life afoot in one of the great mountain and forest reserves on the planet."

~ Tim McNulty, poet, essayist and author of Ascendance: Poems, and Olympic National Park: A Natural History. 

SKU: 9780989634328

Bob Kimberly grew up in Wisconsin. After completing college and a stint in the Coast Guard, he went to work in the paper industry. Eventually he moved west ending up in the Seattle area in 1970. He started writing poetry when he joined a Creative Writing class in 2003, and has

had poems published in the Wisconsin Poet’s Calendar, the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets MuseletterHummingbird, and

Verse Wisconsin.

Many Westerners are intrigued by Japanese culture, but only a small percentage of them get to see it up close. Very few of them indeed get as close as Chad Frisk.

In his short new book he shares his experiences:

Struggling with and mastering a foreign language

Overcoming culture shock and its neglected cousin, reverse culture shock

Teaching English with no formal training

Breaking into traditional Japanese festivals

Managing cross-cultural miscommunication

Constantly feeling stupid

This book is a window into the life of a foreigner in Japan and will appeal to anyone who is considering teaching English abroad, wants to see Japan from the inside without buying a plane ticket, or enjoys the occasional dose of schadenfreude.

SKU: 9781609441005

What if you had a unique skill that you never asked for?

A talent that would endanger the lives of your family…

With the appearance of a young girl in her mirror, Mia’s odyssey into the supernatural continues in this sequel to With My Little Eye.

She and husband Dan were settling in to a renewed home life after the birth of their son. But their time of happiness is short lived as the forlorn child in the mirror starts to reveal clues of her imprisonment. Mia is forced to call upon her intuitive powers to solve the mystery surrounding the girl’s whereabouts in a race against tragedy. 

In doing so, she comes face to face with a much darker force that will not only test her resolve, but ultimately, her will to survive.

“From the time she was little, Mia was gifted with knowing things before they happened, or was she cursed? Tess Marset has written a page turner with in depth knowledge of human nature. Her book takes us on a suspenseful journey—one in which our beliefs are challenged and fears exposed. Can’t wait for a sequel.”  

~ Patricia Treanor (Litchfield Park, AZ) 

Belle Islet Lady Cover Image
ISBN: 9780994034601
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Published: John Carter - January 27th, 2015

Dr. Randal Reilly, an aging psychotherapist from Vancouver often kayaks around the Belle Chain Islets off the South Coast of British Columbia. To his horror one day he discovers a naked lady floating in a lifeboat.

Sylvia Protrenko, abandoned as a baby in San Francisco, raised on a farm outside Sebastopol, somehow ends up in an amnesic fugue drifting in the Belle Islets. 

Jeff Kroberts, an applied artificial intelligence engineer from Seattle responsible for the development of language nanobots reaches the pinnacle of career success when he presents a keynote speech at the Shanghai Symposium.Winston Xing, a gifted musician and executive chauffeur from Beijing teaches Jeff how to pace life and challenges like the Great Wall.

These people tell stories that are interconnected and explain some of the psychological underpinnings of Belle Islet Lady.

SKU: 9780979271618_print

What does it take to become an editor of fiction and creative nonfiction? In the first handbook written especially for freelance developmental editors who work with authors of novels and memoirs, Barbara Sjoholm draws on years of experience as a publisher, writer, and freelance editor.

In An Editor’s Guide you’ll learn the basics of reading manuscripts and taking organized notes. You’ll learn to query authors productively, both before and after reading a manuscript, and learn how and when to make suggestions. You’ll learn why it can be helpful to write an editorial letter, and how to add to the letter with electronic editing, tables, and graphs.

Sjoholm discusses the many roles an editor can play in an author’s career and life; she talks about how to set boundaries and cultivate positive relationships with authors. And since most authors seek editors in order to be published, the last chapter focuses on how a freelance editor can offer realistic hope and guidance.

The result of many years of mentoring editors through the Author–Editor Clinic, this handbook is designed for freelance editors at all levels of experience, from seasoned professionals to those just entering the field of developmental.