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Maison Ikkoku Collector's Edition, Vol. 1
 By Rumiko Takahashi Cover Image
ISBN: 9781974711871
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Published: VIZ Media LLC - September 15th, 2020

An oldie but goodie. I love anything Rumiko Takahashi writes and has been a part of my childhood without me knowing it (people are most familiar with Inuyasha, which I watched secretly when I was 8 because it was too violent). But Maison Ikkoku is near and dear to my heart. It’s a slice-of-life manga about a landlord named Kyoko, who takes care of a boarding house filled with eccentric and lovable people. She meets Godai, a resident at the boarding house, who’s trying to pass his college entrance exams while falling in love with Kyoko. The book revolves around the importance of community and the slow-burn romance between Kyoko and Godai (who are, by far, my favorite fictional couple), with funny moments scattered throughout. It is wonderful wonderful wonderful. 

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