Staff List: Seward Park

Photo of Candace


Candace has been an avid reader since childhood--always looking for stories with strong and complex POCs. She has a degree in German Literature, which exposed her to the...


Kim Hooyboer is the general manager of Third Place Books Seward Park. When she's not reading with her cat, Kim co-hosts the industry podcast Drunk Booksellers with Elliott...
Photo of Mallery


Mallery grew up in Seattle hanging out in bookstores, and reading and writing in coffee shops. Then she lived in NYC and LA, got an MFA at Brown, and now she's back in Seattle...


Michelle is into linguistics and anything local: history, authors, trees, cats. She likes exploring the town and will always thank you lots for a hot cup of coffee and a good book...


Rich has been a professional sci-fi guy, zombie nerd, and comic book geek for over seventeen years.
Photo of Ryan


Ryan is convinced that Karl Marx had everything figured out and constantly anxious that he won't see the Philadelphia Flyers win a Stanley Cup in his lifetime. He enjoys literary...
Shannon, bookseller at Seward Park


Shannon is an editor, writer, and amateur naturalist. Borderline surreal, visionary, sci-fi/fantasy, and Southern Gothic fiction are her jam. She can also be wooed by other...