Staff List: Lake Forest Park

Adam portrait




Anje enjoys gardening, listening to old Canadian hardcore bands, skateboarding on her bad knee, fixing things on her truck, and hanging out with her dog. "I'm pullin'...


As a fairly emotional being, Claire is all about books that elicit a strong emotional response. Whether it’s a book that makes her laugh out loud, weep uncontrollably, audibly...


Danielle reads literary fiction, fantasy, romance, and lots of YA. You can ask her anything about intersectional feminism, nontraditional relationships, or #ownvoices; she'll...


You know the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?? He's kinda like her but nicer...and wears more dresses. 


Deborah loves reading and selling genre fiction in all its wonderful and varied forms!


Elisabeth likes language(s), poems silly and serious, art of all kinds, and politics.  Frequently deep in a book and missing her bus stops, she mostly just wants to know what...





Erin loves Stephen Colbert, most books, and all cats. She hates cockroaches and law school. Ask her about Moby Dick, the Moomins, and the Prison Industrial Complex.


Katelynn (spelled with 2 n’s and not like Kaitlin, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Katelin, or Kaytlan) is a pretty terrible speller, a slightly better gardner, 1 of 7 ...


Kelly is a goof from California who thoroughly enjoys a well-made mug of hot cocoa. She likes to read pretty much any genre, but usually returns to literary fiction...


Kitri enjoys listening to what has been described as "sad kitchen music". She is close to perfecting her brownie recipe, and fears one day accidentally roasting her dog, who is...

Mark Z.

Mark heals the computers at Third Place Books whenever they are ill. He enjoys settling down to an evening of baseball viewing, reading the latest William Gibson novel or a...



Niki loves: literature for all ages of young human, graphic novels and visual narratives, and literally all food (eating, making, sharing). She permanently resides in the kids...


Rene, the head of the Third Place Books Kids Department, can talk you into reading just about anything. She has an affinity for books by Oge Mora and Brandy Colbert. Rene is...


Rosa is from New Jersey and thinks Books and Tacos should be more of a thing. Will read anything that she finds interesting but favors literary fiction. Is a firm believer that if...


Sam has been a bookseller long enough to know better, and too long for him to remember how to do anything else. He likes Dorothy B. Hughes and Dorothy Parker, Barbara Tuchman and...

Sarah B

Sarah C.

Sarah is a little ball of unresolved grudges dating back to preschool and is consistently covered in cat hair. She might actually just be a cat in jeans and an oversized...

Sarah R


Stephen loves graphica and he’s always on the look-out for new graphic novels that combine beautiful art with intelligent, complex storytelling (although he insists on calling...


"I'll need a ton of things if you want me to do this right." Mary Robison, Oh!