Staff List: Lake Forest Park

Adam portrait


Adam's thorough reading of Scandinavian literature is the stuff of legend amongst the Third Place Books staff. He takes an interest in literary fiction and religion, but enjoys a...



Ashley loves tea, folktales, plants, and playing her ukulele badly. Although she usually reads fantasy and graphic novels, she'll pick up anything that sounds compelling enough....


As a fairly emotional being, Claire is all about books that elicit a strong emotional response. Whether it’s a book that makes her laugh out loud, weep uncontrollably, audibly...



Danielle reads literary fiction, fantasy, romance, and lots of YA. You can ask her anything about intersectional feminism, nontraditional relationships, or #ownvoices; she'll...


After washing upon the shores of some distant land, Dean has found solace in the realms of art, horror, feminist literature, graphic novels, witchery and stitchery.


Deborah is our Romance and Mystery buyer. Fortunately for us, she loves to read mysteries and romances, but also enjoys talking about books, cats, and kids.




Erin loves Stephen Colbert, most books, and all cats. She hates cockroaches and law school. Ask her about Moby Dick, the Moomins, and the Prison Industrial Complex.


There is little Gabi loves more than stories, community, and her tiny black cat named Luna. When she is not reading some form of kid lit, you can find her playing table-top games...


Jane, a bookseller and endless fount of good recommendations in the Kids/ Young Adult department, will gladly participate in a conversation about anything and everything.


Kalani does most of his reading in a hammock while sipping black tea. He hosts author events and shelves Fiction, Sports, and Fitness. He wrote Beowulf.


Katelynn (spelled with 2 n’s and not like Kaitlin, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Katelin, or Kaytlan) is a terrible speller, a very amature gardner, one of seven siblings, and a lover of...


Kitri enjoys listening to what has been described as "sad kitchen music". She is close to perfecting her brownie recipe, and fears one day accidentally roasting her dog, who is...

Mark Z.

Mark heals the computers at Third Place Books whenever they are ill. He enjoys settling down to an evening of baseball viewing, reading the latest William Gibson novel or a...


Niki loves: literature for all ages of young human, graphic novels and visual narratives, and literally all food (eating, making, sharing). She permanently resides in the kids...


Rene, the head of the Third Place Books Kids Department, can talk you into reading just about anything. She has a special affinity for both Patricia Polacco and Sarah Dessen. Rene...


Rosa is from New Jersey and thinks Books and Tacos should be more of a thing. Will read anything that she finds interesting but favors literary fiction. Is a firm believer that if...


Sam has been a bookseller long enough to know better, and too long for him to remember how to do anything else. He likes Dorothy B. Hughes and Dorothy Parker, Rebecca West and...



Stephen loves graphica and he’s always on the look-out for new graphic novels that combine beautiful art with intelligent, complex storytelling (although he insists on calling...


"[He's] like the Rollins of book recommendations." Andy Salzer, Founder, Hiro Clark "Prudish in genre flexibility." Matthew Stearns, author of Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation (33 1...