Follow Your Art: Roberta's Comic Trips // by Roberta Gregory

There is a saying that one’s art takes one to places never dreamed of. This is certainly true of renowned independent comics creator Roberta Gregory—and in this delightfully entertaining book, you are invited along for the ride.

She has been invited to so many events overseas she has lost track of them. And her travels to book signings and conventions are not only entertaining stories about budget travel, but also fun-filled reminders that life is just as much about the journey as the destination—thanks to the friendship and generosity of those who appreciate her work.

Begin in Roberta’s home of Seattle, and join Bruce Taylor in accompanying her on cross-country adventures on Amtrak. Tag along with Roberta’s pal Donna Barr in two rollicking road trips through the Midwest and the California desert, and then travel overseas to Spain, Portugal and Sweden.