An Editor's Guide to Working with Authors // by Barbara Sjoholm

An Editor's Guide to Working with Authors



What does it take to become an editor of fiction and creative nonfiction? In the first handbook written especially for freelance developmental editors who work with authors of novels and memoirs, Barbara Sjoholm draws on years of experience as a publisher, writer, and freelance editor.

In An Editor’s Guide you’ll learn the basics of reading manuscripts and taking organized notes. You’ll learn to query authors productively, both before and after reading a manuscript, and learn how and when to make suggestions. You’ll learn why it can be helpful to write an editorial letter, and how to add to the letter with electronic editing, tables, and graphs.

Sjoholm discusses the many roles an editor can play in an author’s career and life; she talks about how to set boundaries and cultivate positive relationships with authors. And since most authors seek editors in order to be published, the last chapter focuses on how a freelance editor can offer realistic hope and guidance.

The result of many years of mentoring editors through the Author–Editor Clinic, this handbook is designed for freelance editors at all levels of experience, from seasoned professionals to those just entering the field of developmental.