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Latest Staff Picks

Lush and twisty, Mangan's debut is one of the most thrilling first novels I have encountered in twenty years of book selling. A tautly drawn plot, decadent prose and spectacularly drawn characters make for easy Highsmith comparisons. and even easier reading.  This book does what we want every book to do: it captivates us so deeply we can think of nothing else until we see it through while also dreading its end. Tangerine is a novel full of astute observations and keen insights wrapped in a psychological thriller so deft, so smart, it will ring any reader's bells.

Picked by Wesley

If you have any interest in the fight against totalitarian theocracy, then you must read A Road Unforeseen. I found it to be a thorough, well organized primer on Kurdistan, ISIS, and the self governing region known as Rojava. Meredith Tax is a phenomenal researcher, and makes this deeply complicated topic very readable. Still not convinced? THIS IS ABOUT WOMEN FIGHTING AN INSANE DEATH CULT.

Picked by Anje

The spirits of the land want to tear humanity apart (literally) and only the Queen can stop them...but she doesn't stop them from destroying Daleina's village. Since Daleina wants to stop that kind of slaughter from happening again, she trains to become an heir. Daleina's power isn't so much from her magic, but from her ethics and determination to save her people. An enthralling read with an intriguing world - you'll absolutely love Daleina and her magical (and occasionally violet) story!

Picked by Lish

Ironically, today's progressive despises fundamentalists while insisting on reading the Bible only as a bad fundamentalist would - that is, in only the most thoughtless, uninformed and knee-jerk manner possible. This Old Testament survey is an ideal corrective. Leithart is an intellectual Master Chef, astonishing us on nearly every page as he serves up a blend of detail and Big Picture in a rare feast guaranteed to satisfy as round-the-dinner-table family reading or as personal study. So come and view, as you never have before, the intricate design God used to write the first half of His book. 

Picked by Adam

This book is nonstop shenanigans and I adored every page. It tackles everything controversial for its time, piracy, infidelity, homosexuality, but the most wild...a brilliant female. It does have its heartbreaking moments, but at its core it's an adventure story, a love story, and a story of growth and acceptance. Most of all, it has a queer protagonist with a happy ending, and that means the most.

Picked by Courtney

For readers who remember what it is like to use the click-wheel on a first generation iPod, or watched Gideon Yago on MTV2, this book is for you. Exploring the rise and fall of the post-9/11 indie music scene that grew from the grimy grates of NYC and beyond, the oral history includes vibrant voices like Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, Interpol, and other bands that your cool older sister introduced to you back in middle school.

Picked by Sarah C.

Searching for your next favorite beginning reader? Look no further than this clever, joke-filled book about a girl picking out a pair of shoes for a "Daddy-and-Me Day." Her unexpected choice has her anthropomorphic shoes worried that she's made a big mistake (though she's confident in her decision). Her unconventional choice is in fact deliberate and makes for a rather sweet moment between father and daughter. It's a sho(e)-in! smiley

Picked by Niki

Prolific but mostly ignored in the states, Stamm is a master storyteller, translated with a cunning and precision that always leaves me breathless. Of course, that could also be the Mary Gaitskill-like emotional agony and asphyxiating atmospherics. (This is an enormous compliment.) 

All Days Are Night is the perfect gateway drug for this Swiss doyen - readable and, whether you like it or not, relatable.

Picked by Wesley

When Noona and Joon arrive at their grandmother's (the titular Halmoni's) house only to discover she's disappeared, they embark on a journey to find her. Along the way, they meet many vibrant characters from Korean folktales - a handy language guide and a detailed back matter help Western readers fully understand this story's context - eat lots of snacks, and play an intense game of rock, paper, scissors with a tiger! This graphic novel will entice readers fond of strong siblings, clever problem-solving, and impeccable book design!!

Picked by Niki