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Latest Staff Picks

This book was so much fun! It's set in a futuristic world where everyone has a "baku", which is like a smart phone but shaped like an animal that is the perfect, little companion. Lacey Chu dreams of one day working for MONCHA, the huge tech firm behind Bakus, and to do so she needs to get into the prestigious Profectus Academy. However, Lacey can only afford a Level 1 Baku that isn't good enough to get into the Academy. But then Lacey stumbles upon a broken cat baku that's surprisingly advanced and she suddenly finds herself accepted into the Academy of her dreams. And thus begins a fun adventure full of twists and turns as Lacey meets friends and enemies at her new school, puts her mechanic skills to the test with baku battle training and discovers that this little cat baku she found might actually be a part of something much bigger than she ever could have expected.

Picked by Nicole

A gripping murder mystery in a smartly constructed world of magic, mages, and trolls. This multiple POV narrative chronicles the complex political and religious forces that affect ambitious student magician Onna, charming soldier Jeckran, and compassionate half-troll Tsira. The interplay of power, revenge, and zeal execute slowly but purposefully as Onna's career and Tsira's pursuit converge in wealthy city Hexos.

Picked by Danielle

The fake boyfriend trope is a classic in romantic fiction, and when it’s done as wonderfully as it is in “Boyfriend Material,” you can see why. There is nothing more satisfying than learning to love two very different characters despite their quirks and flaws, knowing all the while that they are meant to be together. And if the journey to happily ever after involves the dung beetle, ridiculous puns and  the craziest, most wonderful cast of supporting characters ever assembled, all the better. Luc and Oliver will steal your heart.

Picked by Deborah

A captivating novel of sophisticated, wry sexiness, Luster is a sonic boom of a debut.

Everyone you know will be talking about it. If they're not, everyone you know is wrong.

Picked by Wesley

This novella is a moving and necessary addition to every bookshelf.  Not only is it a brief and captivating aquatic fantasy (well-suited for a first time dip into the genre), but it's an artistic collaboration; a poignant song that gets stuck in your head and shifts your attention. Within the significant and beautifully dangerous ocean, Solomon shines a light on the joint horror and growth that comes from remembering the people and actions of the past. Only through this is the necessity of moving towards the future as a community realized. (Make sure to listen to the Clipping album of the same name for the full experience). 

Picked by Katelynn

Think Shirley Jackson meets the film GET OUT. If you like gothic novels, this one's for you. Scary and intense but wholly original. Silvia Moreno-Garcia is one of my favorite new writers. 

Picked by Rosa

One of the best queer stories I've read in a long time. A young Colombian girl is uprooted from her home and moves to Miami with her family. Her mom becomes a member of a local Evangelical church and pushes her reluctant daughter to join her. Things begin to really unfold when our main character begins to fall for the pastor's daughter. I can't recommend this novel enough! 

Picked by Rosa

Need a fun read to get your mind off things? 

Pick this up now. It's a fantastic retelling of Anna Karenina. Think Gossip Girl meets Crazy Rich Asians. Perfect for summer! 

Picked by Rosa

This book will be making my best of 2020 list for sure. If you read the novel American Dirt and enjoyed it, then I dare you to pick this up. This explores the real lives of undocumented Americans and what they have contributed to this country. You may find yourself surprised to find what they have done for all of us. 

Picked by Rosa