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Latest Staff Picks

A narrator with no discernable age, gender or race appears in a small southern town and gets taken in by the local church. Meanwhile, the town prepares for its anual "Forgiveness Festival", of which the narrator is told little. beautiful prose, eclectic characters and just the right amount of disorientation. Think 'Midsommar' meets Marquez, told as only Catherine Lacey could tell.  

Picked by Connor

I absolutely adore anything related to minimalism or decluttering, and I'm also a fan of Scandinavian home practices like hygge and lagom. This book ticked all the boxes for me and then some! Whether meaning to or not, Magnusson had me laughing hysterically - even while considering my own mortality and how I can lighten the burden for anyone left to "death clean" after me. It also gave me helpful talking points for starting the death cleaning process with my  elderly family members while they are still here to make their own decisions.

Picked by Claudia

The Unexpected Genius of Pigs is an endearing, informative, and all-out fun book about one British family's experience when the two teacup piglets they adopted turned out to be enormous, earth-tilling, ear-splitting hogs. Part memoir, part scientific research, and part observation - this quick read had me considering whether or not my family had what it takes to become pig-keepers (we don't but I sure wish we did!).

Picked by Claudia

With many schools transitioning to online learning, as well as some families choosing to homeschool amidst the pandemic, this book is an excellent and timely resource for anyone with school-aged kids. Whether you're looking for a ground-up training on building your own complete curricula, or just wanting to keep your child motivated while distance learning, Bogart offers a wealth of knowledge and experience on secular learning. I wish I could put this in the hands of every parent I know! 


Picked by Claudia

What's most striking about this story is how much you care. From the first page, I was entranced and had no real interest in doing anything else with my life until I got to the last page. The story follows three sisters who are being haunted by their late sister's ghost. And yet, it's also not really about that at all. It's about grief, sisterhood, survival and taking back power. Not to mention that the writing is such that it constantly leaves you in an aftermath of wonder. I'm positive I'll be thinking of the Torres sisters for years to come.

Picked by Claire

This sweet, spooky tale of two best friends who accidentally release a curse on their town and then team up with a witchy grandma and a slightly magical cat named Chunk to fix it, is a pure delight! With nods to Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, and the Goonies, it's an adventurous tale of unbreakable friendship and the power of found family. Quite simply, it's enchanting.


Picked by Claire

Rowan and Neil have been academic rivals throughout high school and the annual last-day-of-school scavenger hunt is the final opportunity for Rowan to truly best Neil. But when a conspiracy among their classmates causes the two to join forces, will they be able to reprogram their autopilot response to sabotage one another? Rachel Lynn Solomon makes an enemies-to-lovers playground out of Seattle in this endearing all-in-one-day love story. I dare you not to fall in love with these characters and this city when you're done.

Picked by Claire

One of the best non-fiction books of the year. In alternating chapters that focus on past and present, Bauer elegently lays out the brutal history of for-profit prisons in America, and writes about his experience both as a former prisoner and working as a guard in the private prison industry. This is an essential read for anyone interested in criminal justice or law enforcement. 

Picked by Anje

This book was so much fun! It's set in a futuristic world where everyone has a "baku", which is like a smart phone but shaped like an animal that is the perfect, little companion. Lacey Chu dreams of one day working for MONCHA, the huge tech firm behind Bakus, and to do so she needs to get into the prestigious Profectus Academy. However, Lacey can only afford a Level 1 Baku that isn't good enough to get into the Academy. But then Lacey stumbles upon a broken cat baku that's surprisingly advanced and she suddenly finds herself accepted into the Academy of her dreams. And thus begins a fun adventure full of twists and turns as Lacey meets friends and enemies at her new school, puts her mechanic skills to the test with baku battle training and discovers that this little cat baku she found might actually be a part of something much bigger than she ever could have expected.

Picked by Nicole