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I love this book!  (And full disclosure: I have volunteered and do some part-time work for Elderwise.) Recognizing the WHOLE person in ourselves and others, The Elderwise Way promotes a path of aging that is meaningful and loving.  Where many see loss, The Elderwise Way sees opportunities for engagement, encourages us to savor the moments we have with frail elders and each other, and helps prepare us for what is next.  The book speaks to us all - family members, friends, and care professionals.

Picked by Elisabeth

In the wake of beloved outcast Vivek's death, their friends and family, as well as those only tenuously connected to their life, spill forth details both intimate and insignificant to build a complete character taken from the world before they could truly bloom. Emezi's talents shine brightest when they delicately  dance around genres, from crime noir to multigenerational tale to supernatural, and some of the most heart-squeezing moments occur when Vivek speaks briefly from beyond the grave, letting their voice be heard above the din.

Picked by Sarah C.

This book takes a long look at Hammarskjöld's career, the geopolitical conflicts he was navigating in the Congo during the Cold War, and the motives of individuals and organizations who had the most at stake — all in an attempt to solve the decades-long mystery of the UN Secretary General's death.

The urgency and detail with which Somaiya accounts the events leading up to the plane crash and the evidence revealed in the nearly 50 years since is engrossing. I haven't stopped thinking about it!

Picked by Sarah

I always come back to one word when it comes to Daisy Johnson's writing: feral. It's coated in muck and nettles, and moves like wounded animal still hungry for a hunt - desperate and disjointed as it builds up momentum until the frenetic moment when the words bite down with bloody fangs and send everything reeling. I texted my friend immediately after closing Johnson's newest sibling psychological horror with a single excited phrase - Sisters just punched me in the gut.

Picked by Sarah C.

At a time when the physical distance we keep may be eroding at the nexus of our friendships, this book is here to help strengthen us. Through the retelling of their own friendship, as well as examining the science and history of these cherished bonds, the authors inspire us to reach out and hold on tight to the ones who make us shine our brightest. Great as an audiobook (from!) or in print, consider reading this with your BFFs for a virtual book club.

Picked by Claudia

With bite-sized biographies, stunning art, and all the empowerment you've come to expect from the Rebel Girls series, this latest installment is sure to delight both children and adults. Profiling 100 immigrant women, this collection will broaden your worldview and instill an appreciation for the lengths these women -- and countless others -- go to on their journeys to effect change across the globe. 

Picked by Claudia

Box Hill's sleek and measured tone has a confession's magnetic intensity. 


Picked by Wesley

This is a powerhouse debut novel featuring some quirky outsider characters that feel so strangely familiar. When a young idealistic Northwest city girl moves deep into the Appalachians to live off the land, we get a deeply layered novel that is somehow a tenderhearted family story about class while also being absolutely hilarious. Seamlessly alternating between four different first-person perspectives, Madeline ffitch’s writing is perfectly voiced. Stay and Fight is a fantastic novel of these times.

Picked by Kalani

Using the framework of 12 classic works of literature to tell the story of his childhood, Phuc Tran has written a quintessential memoir of American assimilation. This is the nerdy, punk-rock immigrant story I never knew I needed. A perfect read for anyone who has longed to just fit it. Highly recommended

Picked by Kalani