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I'll admit, before this book, I couldn't name one song by A Tribe Called Quest. Abdurraqib writes something and I read it, simple as that. Just like with his other work, he comes at Go Ahead in the Rain (a song by A Tribe Called Quest) wanting to geek out and back it up with a well-researched history. My favorite parts were, varied within the timeline of their illustrious career, Abdurraqib's personal letters to Q-Tip, Phife Dawg, and Ali that read equally like letters to friends and to great influences. The cover really says it all.

Picked by Emily

Cara Black has entertained us for over twenty years with her series featuring Aimee Ledue, a young, stylish PI who knows 1990's Paris inside and out. Who better to write a World War II thriller set in Paris starring young American widow Kate Rees who has been selected by the British and trained as a sniper with one goal: to assassinate Hitler on his brief, 3 hour stop in Paris.

If you love mysteries but also enjoy The Nightingale or The Alice Network, Cara Black has written a book for you! 

Picked by Deborah

This story has all the makings of a classic folktale: fierce friendships, non-stop action, and short, cliff-hanger chapters to keep you right on the edge of your seat!  Chaya is a thief with a heart for justice and she's on the run from the king. She's not only trying to avoid capture, but to survive the unknown jungle alongside her two unlikely companions. It's a story that feels timeless and fresh all at once. And whether it's your next read or your next read-aloud, lower elementary readers are in for a treat!

Picked by Claire

I hope your floor is clean because if you're brave enough for Ordesa, you'll hit the tile with a hard thud more than once.  Grief, memory, family, patriotism. Vilas evaluates every last thing that gives a life weight - or maybe frees a life of its weight - with a melancholy ballasted with a warmth that will recalibrate the reader's very sense of self.  The find of the year.

Picked by Wesley

I stan HARD! This may be the best collection I've read in years. Pick this up ASAP!!


Picked by Rosa

I am a huge fan of this author. Everything they write stops me in my tracks. The essays here will expand your thoughts on feminism and the media we've been consuming since childhood. 

Picked by Rosa

A story of lust, love, obsession, pain and ultimately self-discovery. Brutally honest and beautifully written. Could not put down. 

Picked by Rosa

I loved everything about this collection. There were so many lines I re-read over and over again in hopes I will remember them forever. 

Picked by Rosa
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Breasts and Eggs Cover Image
By Mieko Kawakami, Sam Bett (Translator), David Boyd (Translator)

Beginning with a hot summer trip in the middle of the city, Natsu hosts her sister and young niece, the latter who refuses to talk but spills her heart out about the fears of puberty onto the pages of her journal. Ten years later and in another sweltering summer, Natsu begins a rocky path towards motherhood as her fears of growing older and lonelier mirror that of her niece's past. Her journey reveals the complications that stand in the way of a single woman desiring a life that does not depend on the conventional company of men, especially in a world so ready to dispose of women at a certain age. 

Picked by Sarah C.