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After her mother's suicide, Leigh and her father struggle through their now-greyscale world. When a great red bird deposits a box of family mementos on her porch, Leigh knows undoubtedly that this bird is her mother. She journeys to Taiwan and dives headfirst into the trauma of her family's past, but the weight of old grief and of new memories compounds. A moving portrait of finding oneself again after tremendous loss. 

Picked by Niki

In a world where people pay to receive body mod services from the Belles-artisans of Beauty who use this arcana in their blood to transform the naturally greyscale populace into beatific glamazons in full color - everything is a mask, and polite society the most so. Come for the decadent descriptions of food and luxury fashion, stay for the diabolical players in this high-stakes game of political intrigue. Deceptively dark, this novel is a reminder that beauty most often wears a face of lies. 

Picked by Niki

This is a chilling, brilliant history of the white power movement and post-Vietnam paramilitary culture. Kathleen Belew clearly illustrates how our failure to understand white power as a broad social movement has prevented us from combating it; from seeing events like the Oklahoma city bombing and the Charleston church shooting for what they really are – acts of domestic terrorism inspired and supported by a well established and increasingly militarized racist movement.

Picked by Anje

This is not just another addiction memoir. But don't worry—that's the point. Jamison's own story is told in fragments, interspersed with the stories of many others (names you already know, others the world never will), brilliantly structured much like the AA meetings that ultimately helped her get sober. Each story is a drop in the bucket, a part of the whole. It is Jamison's voice—unflinching, self aware—and not necessarily her story that captivates. She is not tone deaf to the experiences of others, which serves her well as she presents so many stories alongside her own. I was so ready to dismiss this book, but I simply couldn't. I couldn't put it down; nor could I put it out of my mind.

Picked by Kitri

So you know how the world sometimes makes you wanna sink deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep into a watery grave?? This book helps me not do that! heart

Picked by Dean

Infused with intimate stories of her devotion to true crime, McNamara's book rises above the usual shock and awe exploitation of the genre and weaves a narrative both riveting and chilling. 

Picked by Sarah C.

Avery, from a prominent South Carolina political family, is haunted by a nursing home resident, May, who seem to find her familiar. Bridging between 1939 and contemporary times, Avery discovers another stain upon American history, as she delves into May's story. May, originally Rilla, is the oldest of Briny and Queeny's 5 children, when the Memphis Tennessee Children's Home Society under the direction of Georgia Tann steals the kids. The plan making Tann wealthy is to gravely mistreat the young ones and then sell them at exorbitant prices to wealthy clients. A mystery, many untold horrors of the children abducted spill from this authentically told novel, as answers are unveiled to bring these strong characters peace in knowing who they really are!

Picked by Jane

Robbins ain't Coleridge. He ain't Sexton. He ain't even Bukowski. Robbins is that 4AM Dexatrim-fueled rampage of youthful ideas. He is the unnerving moment we all have when Dianetics begins to make just a little bit of sense.

He is the poet who will completely reconfigure what you want out of poetry and maybe even what you need out of life.

Picked by Wesley

Read this very short but important story written as a poem by a boy who hates poetry and thinks he can't write it. Jack feels defeated by Miss Stretchberry's assignment, until he is snared by snippets of William Carlos Williams, William Blake, Robert Frost, Valerie Worth, S.C. Rigg, Arnold Adoff, and Walter Dean Myers. Little by little, Jack is telling his tale with both humor and heart-wrenching poetry!

Picked by Jane