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Latest Staff Picks

Jonny is a 2-spirit indigiqueer who has a week to return home for his step-father's funeral. Told through a non-linear timeline that weaves together a coming of age story through stories of family and tradition, trauma and survival. It's a dark-tender hearted vision of indigenous life full of raw grit, violence and ample bodily fluids that will leave you on the edge of uncomfortable. Whitehead is a master of words whose command of language will leave you aching for more.

Picked by Courtney

Do you ever find yourself wanting more Lovecraft in your diet, but without the misogyny and antisemitism? Johnson turns Lovecraft on his head with this fast-paced and dreamlike quest story, featuring a mature woman as the hero, and lots of strange creatures and places. 

Strange, accessible, and delightful!

Picked by Zak

My new go-to graduation gift recommendation! With sincerity and honesty, Reynolds tells readers that the journey to personal achievement and success is not easy, fixed, or clear and that even passion and perseverance can't cure insecurity. But his refrain, his offering his encouragement is: JUMP ANYWAY. 

Just the right amount of corny and wise, Reynolds' message resonates with those moving on to a new chapter in their lives. 

Picked by Niki

I'm cracking up right now just thinking of this book. It's hilarious. And big-hearted, with wonderful characters and yes, some tragedy. And did I mention it's funny? One of my favorite books of the last ten years. 

Yes, the author is related to the famed Udall political family of the west! His New Yorker article, "Big Love," was the basis for the HBO series of the same name!

Picked by Zak

A comprehensive starter about consent - which should always be an enthusiastic YES. This graphic novel features a group of teens discussing what they think consent means after learning a classmate was a victim of sexual assault. They ultimately affirm that all relationships should make both participants feel confident, healthy, and fulfilled. A must-read. For everyone. Full stop. 

Picked by Niki

An incredible collection of words, art, photos, and expressions of Indigenous women by Indigenous women. This volume celebrates and amplifies the voices of these women and girls, who are so often silenced by white folks, by governments, by institutions, by men. 

Open this book and listen with open ears and open hearts. 

Picked by Niki

How does the language we use when talking about law enforcement influence our perception of it? What do the police gain and what is obfuscated when we embrace euphemisms like "community policing", "body cavity search", or "quality of life crimes"? Using short, incisive chapters that each focus on a single term, David Correia and Tyler Wall have created a beautifully designed and user friendly glossary of the vocabulary of policing. 

Picked by Anje

The best feminist horror novel set on an abandoned sheep farm in the Australian outback that you've never read.

Picked by Anje

With natural, immediately engaging prose, Nguyen tells 8 very different stories of Vietnamese characters, striving to find their places in the world. Leaving one culture for another finds these people often straddling two ways of life, never without memory of the past. Two of the stories are actually set in Viet Nam with those who either chose to go there or to remain in their homeland. The ghost of the son/brother of a mother and daughter in the U.S. visits for the final closure and, in another tale, a family is hounded to contribute money to continued warfare in the homeland. Universal to the refugee experience, this collection represents all who have come to America for better lives. Capping the stories off are two essays by Nguyen, a bonus from this wise and witty observer. 

Picked by Jane