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How we influence each other every day! Maya Duran, an Istanbul University administrator, meets Max Wagner, an elderly German Catholic who returns to Istanbul to bring closure to his past. An unexpected story of deep love unfolds amid glimpses of Turkish political, cultural, and religious life. It’s easy to see why Livanelli is one of Turkey’s most popular writers and cultural figures.

Picked by Elisabeth

This is a wonderfully shameless story that I wish was around when I was in school. Period. 


The characters are relatable and diverse, the social situations are true to life, and the use of social media formats to share facts from women's history is clever and well done. Schneemann opens up an important discussion here, in many shades of red, and I can't wait to see how her characters will continue to inspire change. 



Picked by Katelynn

The best night of Gavin's life? When he hit a grand slam for the Nashville League.  His worst night? That evening, when he learns his wife had been faking orgasms. In the aftermath, Gavin's best friend Del promises to help - as long as he courts Thea and saves his marriage using a romance novel for inspiration. All the ballplayers in their secret book club swear by the historicals so, lo and behold, he woos Thea and she doesn't completely hate his guts. 


A second-chance trope romance that is witty, woke, and fun. Make it a book club of your own: read it and pass it on to your S.O.! Are you really gonna say no to a bunch of fit, sexy MLB players reading steamy romance novels to better understand women? 

Picked by Danielle

I don't do 'cute' and I don't let my books get water damaged. Needless to say my copy of this affecting story about kinship and acceptance is thoroughly dampened with tears. Read it. Now.

Picked by Dean

I picked this up because I wanted a fund diverting fantasy, maybe with a light romance thrown in for flavor. 

Instead I got this dark, convoluted monster of a novel, in which nothing is simple, event the characters you love can be terrible, ad all your expectations are brought into a startling, hideous light.

This book gave me nothing I wanted, but what it gave me instead was much better. It is not for the feint of hearth. Read it

Picked by Allie

A novella packed to the gills with tenderness and cruelty - just like life.

The main character, Eve, is the embodiment of adolescence itself: gawky and disagreeable but also sensitive and idealistic. The wistful nostalgia is nothing short of hypnotizing.

Picked by Wesley

Tuck is a master of minimalist refinement. Her prose is pared down and looks almost skeletal on the page but the mood and keen observations that swims in the blank spaces are shrewd and seductive.

Pure grace.

Picked by Wesley

The Hawaiian motto of “Ohana Over Everything” sums up this beautiful debut novel by Kawai Strong Washburn. This is a family that swims off the page into real life. As the son of Native Hawaiians from the Big Island myself, I often felt like the children of this novel. I understood Dean’s rebellion, I felt Kaui’s search for purpose, and I rooted wholeheartedly for Nanoa’s ambitious spirit to save the family. This is the Hawaiian novel I’ve long waited for.

Picked by Kalani

What if there were one weird trick that could solve the crises of inequality, healthcare coverage, racial and gender discrimination, and the threat of climate change? In this exciting new book, Jane McAlevey argues that only a revived labor movement and the democratic power that it offers to ordinary people can challenge an increasingly unsustainable status quo.

Picked by Stephen