Kids’ Book Clubs at Lake Forest Park

The LFP Kids' Book Clubs are currently on hiatus. Please keep an eye on our social media (on Instagram @thirdplacebookskids) and this space for updates. We look forward to meeting again soon! 

Kids and Teens of Lake Forest Park,

The Kids’ Department of Lake Forest Park is ecstatic to start both a Middle Grade Book Club and a Young Adult Book Club at Third Place. We can’t wait to bring these two clubs to our bookstore as a way to make this feel more like your bookstore. These book clubs should be a space you feel like you have created to engage with one another about the books in your lives. We want everyone who comes to this book club to know that they belong here. And we also think it's important to give you a space to read books beyond what you are forced to read in school. If you want to read more about why we’re starting these clubs, check out our blog post here!


When do both clubs meet?

The Middle Grade Book Club meets every third Monday of the month. The Young Adult Book Club meets every second Tuesday of the month.

Which club should I attend?

The age range suggestions are really just that--suggestions. You can attend one or both of the clubs if you wish. The age recommendations are mostly there to let everyone know that this book club is for kids and teens, as well as a way to give you an idea of the target audience for the books we will be choosing for each club. 

How are the books chosen?

It's your pick! We are going to have a suggestion box at each meeting and then at the end of book club, we will choose between 3 books from that suggestion box. It's important that you get to read books that you actually want to read so we're always going to give you a vote!

Other than talking about books, why else should I attend?

We are going to have prizes, ARC giveaways (Advanced Reading Copies of books that haven't been released yet), and snacks! You also get 20% off any book club pick so, that book you've wanted to own for forever will be at a discounted rate!

Do I have to buy the book to attend the club?

You do not have to purchase the book to attend. We do highly suggest that you read the book beforehand, because it will likely make the book club more fun for you. And we would love for you to buy the book from us because all book club selections are 20% off. 

But if you just want to come sit in on the discussion without buying the book, that's fine too!  If you already own the book, fantastic. If you got it from the library, wonderful. We really just want this to be a fun space for you to talk about books, whether or not you buy them.

We hope you can join us! Be sure to follow our brand new Third Place Books Kids' Instagram (@thirdplacebookskids) for updates on book clubs and other fun kids' events! And if you have any other questions, please feel free to call our store (206-366-3333).