Virtual Event: Jonathan Evison with Robert Sindelar — Small World: A Novel

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Third Place Books welcomes one of our favorite local writers, Jonathan Evison, for the launch of his latest novel, Small World. He will be joined in conversation by Robert Sindelar, Managing Partner at Third Place Books.

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About Small World. . .

A career’s work from a beloved author’s first book for Dutton, Small World is a historic epic set in multiple time periods, in which the characters interconnect in the most intriguing and meaningful ways.

More than anything else this restlessness, this yearning for something out of reach, or something missing, this incessant, unanswerable, unconquerable call that urged us collectively forward like a runaway locomotive, this was America.

Set in alternating scenes between the present-day travelers on a train and their ancestors more than a century before, Small World explores the Great American Experiment from its formative days to the present moment and asks whether or not our nation has made good on its promises.

Small World is a sprawling chronical of a hundred-and-seventy years of American nation-building from numerous points-of-view across place and time. The result is a historical epic with a Dickensian flair, a grand entertainment set against such iconic backdrops as the California gold rush, the development of the Continental Railroad, and a speeding train of strangers who don’t realize the history they have brought together in one place.

Praise for Small World. . .

“A creative, insightful work of fiction. Evison pulls off a wonderful high-wire act of storytelling that few would attempt, and even fewer could achieve so sharply!”
—Jason Mott, National Book Award–winning author of Hell of a Book

“Evison gives the story a sprightly, page-turner feel despite the sizable cast he’s assembled…Without being simplistic or wearing rose-colored glasses, Evison suggests a fresh way of recognizing our relationships without melting-pot clichés. A bighearted, widescreen American tale.”
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“Masterpiece…Such masterful strokes seem to qualify Small World as the quintessential Great American Novel as Evison eloquently shows that perhaps the most authentically American ideal is the ongoing, blended palette of stories.”
Booklist, Starred Rreview

Jonathan Evison is the author of the novels All About Lulu; West of Here; The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving; This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!; Lawn Boy; and Legends of the North Cascades. He lives with his wife and family in Washington State.

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