Town Hall Livestream: Susan Liautaud - The Power of Ethics

This is a virtual event, taking place via Town Hall Seattle’s Crowdcast Channel! Register for this event here!


Are you feeling conflicted about how much privacy to afford your children on the internet, or how to make informed choices about your purchases and the companies you buy from? You’re not alone. Ethicist Susan Liautaud believes we’re living in a time of moral decline, that every day we’re bombarded with reports of government leaders acting against the welfare of their constituents; companies prioritizing profits over health, safety, and our best interests; and technology posing risks to society with few or no repercussions for those responsible. But she also believes it’s possible to create a sea change with positive decisions.

She joins us via livestream to share insight on how to do that from her two decades as an ethics advisor, collected in her book The Power of Ethics: How to Make Good Choices in a Complicated World. From a career spent guiding corporations and leaders, academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and students in her Stanford University ethics courses, she brings unique clarity to blurry ethical questions, walking us through a straightforward, four-step process we can use in our everyday lives to aid in ethical decision-making. By exploring some of today’s most challenging ethical dilemmas, Liautaud introduces tools she considers essential to our 21st-century ethics toolkit, inviting us to contribute to a more ethical world for ourselves and others.


Susan Liautaud is the founder and managing director of Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited, which advises clients from global corporations to NGOs on complex ethics matters. She teaches cutting-edge ethics courses at Stanford University, serves as chair of Council of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and is the founder of the nonprofit platform The Ethics Incubator. She also chairs and serves on a number of global nonprofit boards.