Tamura Arthun - Blind Awakening

Compassionate and hopeful, Blind Awakening is a remarkable story about the passage between life and death and how that transition affects both patient and caregiver.

As a critical care social worker, Tamura Arthun routinely provided palliative care to dying patients in situations that might depress the average person. When her brother Jeff was afflicted with terminal cancer and blindness, however, her compassion was tested to its limit. Because her parents were unable to care for Jeff’s medical needs, she became his primary caregiver for the last few years of his life. Prior to his illness, Tamura freely admits that Jeff’s attitude toward life was mostly negative. Strangely enough, the experience of dying made him realize how fortunate he had been and transformed his approach to life in general. His gratitude for all the blessings in his life made the process of dying much easier for him—not to mention Tamura and his loving family.

Underlying this strange and miraculous process was a strong belief in God and a reliance on faith that made Jeff’s turnaround possible. Blind Awakening is a testament to that faith and a demonstration of what is truly possible when human beings trust wholly in God.


From her earliest childhood, Tamura Arthun was dedicated to helping others. After graduation from the University of Washington with a Master of Social Work, she spent a career in hospice and critical care, counseling dying patients and their families. Even her background didn’t totally prepare her for becoming the primary caregiver for her younger brother Jeff as he experienced terminal cancer and blindness. Jeff’s surprisingly positive attitude made her realize all over again the importance of faith, and she shares that faith with readers in this remarkable memoir


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    ISBN: 9781984370396
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    Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - March 13th, 2018