Syren Nagakyrie presents 'The Disabled Hiker's Guide to Western Washington and Oregon: Outdoor Adventures Accessible by Car, Wheelchair, and on Foot'

Every body belongs outdoors!

Third Place Books welcomes social activist and Disabled Hikers founder Syren Nagakyrie for a presentation on The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon, the first book of its kind to consider the diverse needs of disabled people in the outdoors. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required in advance.

For any accessibility needs or requests, please contact Per request of the author, masks are required at this event.

This event will include a public signing and time for audience Q&A. Sustain our author series by purchasing a copy of the featured book!

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About The Disabled Hiker's Guide to Western Washington and Oregon. . .

The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon is the first book of its kind to consider the diverse needs of disabled people in the outdoors. This groundbreaking guidebook will include 60 outdoor adventures, including drive-up experiences, verified wheelchair accessible trails, and foot trails suitable for disabled hikers. This guide removes one of the barriers to access—a lack of information—by utilizing a rating system and detailed trail information designed for the disability community. Each trail is personally assessed according to Syren’s skilled and detailed review and established accessibility guidelines.


Peek inside The Disabled Hiker's Guide to Western Washington and Oregon. . .

"I’ve always loved nature, but it took a long time for me to feel comfortable doing outdoor recreation. A lack of information that met my needs, limited understanding and acceptance of disability in the outdoors, and not seeing any other disabled people represented in the community all contributed to feeling excluded from outdoor recreation. It just didn’t feel like something that was meant for me. But nature has always offered a sense of belonging even when I felt excluded otherwise. This book is designed to remove one of the barriers to experiencing the outdoors for people with disabilities: a lack of information written by disabled people for disabled people.

Here I have attempted to include factors that are left out of other guides.

Wheelchair accessibility has been expanded to include trails that meet standard accessibility guidelines and trails that may be hikeable for experienced hikers who use wheelchairs or have all terrain equipment. Not all wheelchairs, or wheelchair users, are the same! Information on foot hiking trails have also been expanded to include the broad variety of people who are ambulatory and may or may not use mobility aids. I’ve also included scenic drives and viewpoints for people who want or need to experience the outdoors from their vehicles. That is a valid and sometimes necessary way to get outdoors—especially on the days when you don’t have the spoons for a hike! The overarching intent of this guide is to provide you with information so you can make your own decision about what you want to attempt."—from The Disabled Hiker's Guide to Washington and Oregon

Syren Nagakyrie (they/them) is the founder of Disabled Hikers, an entirely Disabled-led nonprofit organization building disability community and justice in the outdoors. Syren writes trail guides, leads group hikes, and offers consultations throughout the Pacific Northwest and farther afield. Syren has worked with many parks and organizations to improve access and inclusion for disabled people. They were selected as a Rooted in Rights Storyteller for 2019, a competitive program sponsored by Rooted in Rights and Disability Rights Washington, and have been featured in many high profile publications. Syren is a lifelong social activist and advocate. As a freelance writer, Syren has been published in multiple anthologies, magazines, and blogs. They developed a love for nature in childhood but did not start exploring outdoor recreation until their mid-twenties; they faced exclusion and lack of accessibility in outdoor spaces, but Syren could not be held back from enjoying the wonders of nature. Through years of trial and error, Syren discovered what makes the outdoors accessible for them, and believes strongly in the importance of connection to place as an antidote to the isolation so many disabled people experience. They live in Forks, Washington. (Photo credit: Eddie Bauer - Elise Giordano)

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