Susan Schaefer Bernardo & Courtenay Fletcher, The Big Adventures of Tiny House

The adventure begins when an old farmhouse gets salvaged and recycled into Tiny, a snug little house with a big heart -- and WHEELS!

With the help of Big Truck, Tiny sets off across America to discover if he is still a real home. Tiny makes friends on the road, like Shiny the Airstream, Waverly the houseboat, and Buster the skoolie. He even goes to a jamboree! After thousands of miles, Tiny discovers that home isn't a place ... it's a feeling in your heart. The irresistible rhymes and delightfully detailed illustrations in this lyrical new picture book from the creators of Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs are sure to enchant childrenand the book's gentle messages about sustainable living, friendship and working together will delight parents and teachers as well.

Yes, Tiny may be small, but he lives a BIG life. With the help of Big Truck, he travels thousands of miles across America, seeing the sights and attending the Tiny House Jamboree (yes, that’s a real thing and it’s AWESOME!). Along the way, he and Big Truck make lots of new friends—like Shiny (an Airstream), Waverly (the houseboat) and Buster (a converted school bus). And Tiny and his friends were printed on recycled paper at a printer here in the USA!

So come along and get to know Tiny as he explores the country and discovers the true meaning of home.

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