Susan Elderkin - Best Hikes with Kids: Western Washington

Join us for an evening with author and adventurer Susan Elderkin, discussing her new family-friendly hiking guide, Best Hikes With Kids: Western Washington.

Whether you're looking for the best hikes to hug a really big tree; take a fun and refreshing dip; see birds, animals, or waterfalls; go on a winter day; or stuff yourself with berries, Best Hikes with Kids: Western Washington has you covered.

Author Susan Elderkin has seen her kids express wonder and glee at discovering insects and flowers, melt down in tearful defiance in the middle of a trail, and triumphantly reach a summit and view. In short, she’s a regular mom who wants to encourage other parents to get their regular kids out into nature too. While Susan is an expert hiker in her own right, it’s her children who helped her to see hiking from a kid’s point of view. The result is Best Hikes with Kids: Western Washington, a fresh and wholly new guide for families looking for quality time together away from their distracting devices.


Susan Elderkin has worked for a number of nonprofit environmental organizations, including the Washington Trails Association. She is a board member for Braided River and active in her children’s schools. Susan, her husbandJon Stier, and their two children Aidan and Aliza live in Seattle.