Survivors Speak: Poetry and Musings from the Local Sex Trade

This collection of poems is authored by people who represent the beauty of a diverse creation—across race, gender and age. We share a voice that shouts out the suffering we have experienced and sings the hope we live. The communal cry of our souls: we are made for freedom.

Trauma is not uncommon; the physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual harm we have experienced informs our freedom. Our freedom comes through connection. Healing is realized in community.

Mother of four and wife of one awesome Mexican Danielle Castillejo is a 2nd year student at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, studying to get her MA in Counseling and Psychology. She works and volunteers part time in an organization in Seattle that advocates for the agency and freedom of commercial sex workers. A survivor of abuse herself she continues to fight for sanity and love every day.

Erik Gray is a local queer Filipinx community organizer, artist, and business owner. He launched services for all genders of the sex trade January of 2018 and opened a shelter in 2016 for youth of color engaged in education/employment. He currently serves as the city of Seattle Human Rights Commission HT task force chair and National Survivor Network Policy Champion.

Emily lives in Poulsbo, WA with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading and writing.