Sue Averill & Elizabeth Coulter - One Nurse At A Time: On A Mission

On A Mission is a first-hand account of Sue Averill’s journeys as she volunteers around the world, meeting the health needs of the poor and forgotten. These are not Pollyanna visions of mission life. They are strong and gritty, but sprinkled with compassion and humor. You will hear from victims of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, and be caught in the middle of an escalating conflict in Sudan. You will don protective gear before entering an Ebola Treatment Center in Sierra Leone and be whisked away to a surgical mission in Pakistan where lives are changed by the skilled hands of volunteers.

Volunteering lifts your soul and breaks your heart in the flutter of an eyelash. You find your true self in the act of giving yourself away. It frees and entangles in the same motion. Once you volunteer, you are forever changed.

On A Mission is an engaging read and thoughtful commentary on our connected world.

Sue Averill and Elizabeth (Bette) Coulter are veteran ER nurses who have taken their skills and knowledge around the world to help those in dire need of medical care. We believe storytelling engages new audiences in the uniqueness of places few would ever choose to visit as “tourists.” We bring our ER sensibilities to our writing – finding humor amid chaos and pain, split second decision making, standing up to bullies and defending the vulnerable.  Sue lives in Seattle, and Elizabeth splits her time between homes in Vancouver, BC and Seattle.

One Nurse at a Time: On a Mission: A Personal Journey Into the Heart of Humanitarian Nursing Cover Image
ISBN: 9780997732511
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Published: One Nurse at a Time - April 5th, 2017