Story Time with Jeffrey L. Cheatham II

Join us for a special story time with one of our favorite local authors and the co-producer of Seattle's Urban Book Expo -- Jeffrey L. Cheatham II, author of Why is Jane So Mad?

Chad is trying to figure out why his best friend Jane is so upset. Balloons in her favorite color don’t do the trick. Making silly faces and turning cartwheels for her amusement are met with a stony-faced resolve that Chad just can’t seem to penetrate. In fact, nothing Chad does seems to be able to turn Jane’s frown upside-down, though that doesn’t stop him from trying. In Why is Jane So Mad?, author Jeffrey Cheatham II explores the beauty of friendship and the value of human connection, while also skillfully illustrating the limitations of childhood when it comes to understanding more complex emotions.

Jeffrey L. Cheatham II’s passion for storytelling was evident from his days as a student at Seattle’s John Muir Elementary School, where every written assignment he submitted was in the form of a story or comic. From that point on, he has been a passionate and ardent supporter of all things literary, even going so far as to co-produce Seattle’s first-ever record-breaking Urban Book Expo. A single dad, Cheatham currently lives in Seattle with his 8-year-old daughter, Josilyn, Future Writer and President of Cheatham Publishing, Inc.