Story Time with Evan Lorbiecki and Yvonna Skrinnik

Chasing Lights is a children’s picture book that follows Erin, a young girl who just moved to the Pacific Northwest, as she learns to love her new home and the beauty of nature all around her.

Evan Lorbiecki - A current student at UW, Evan has spent most of his life in Seattle, and was first inspired to write by the beautiful sunrises in his backyard. Red is his favorite color, but pink is cool too. He likes to make up stories, play video games, and eat spaghetti with his cat, Hans Soli.

Yvonna Skrinnik - Yvonna has always had a passion for art, which she studied in UW Seattle, and enjoys sharing her imagination of Washington with the world. She loves the environment and animals, and has a small doggy companion to keep her company while she illustrates!