Stacy D. Flood presents 'The Salt Fields: A Novella'

"The Salt Fields is a gem—the kind of book you'll want to underline, dog-ear, study, teach, and beg your friends to read."—Christina Clancy


Third Place Books welcomes celebrated local playwright Stacy D. Flood to our Seward Park store! Flood will be discussing his debut novella The Salt Fieldsa chronicle of four African-American passengers on a day's journey by train through the South and their memories. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required in advance.

Copies of The Salt Fields will be available for purchase at the store. This event will include a public signing and time for audience Q&A. Sustain our author series by purchasing a copy of the featured book!

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About The Salt Fields. . .

The Salt Fields chronicles this day's journey of four African-American passengers—Minister, a soldier named Carvall, and the young couple Lanah and Divinion, each searching for a new life, but none sure of what that means—as they travel through a myriad of locations, histories, and events that shape who they are, what they dream, what they are escaping, who they will eventually become, and what experiences they will have to endure in order to do so.

On the day that Minister Peters boards a train from South Carolina heading north, he has nothing left but ghosts: the ghost of his murdered wife, the ghost of his drowned daughter, the ghosts of his father and his grandmother and the people who disappeared from his town without trace or explanation. In the cramped car, Minister finds himself in close quarters with three passengers also joining the exodus from the South—people seeking a new life, whose motives, declared or otherwise, will change Minister's life with devastating consequences.


Praise for The Salt Fields. . .

"Beautifully written and memorable."
—Aimee Bender, author of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and The Color Master

"A poignant exploration of desire, yearning, and hope."
—Maxine Chernoff, author of HereCameraUnder the Music, and Bop

"The Salt Fields fits a layered multigenerational saga into the fast-paced jaunt of a novella."
—Siel Ju, author of Cake Time

"Stacy Flood's first novella is a marvel. . . . The Salt Fields will stay with you long after past the last page."
—Toni Mirosevich, author of Pink Harvest

"The Salt Fields is a gem-the kind of book you'll want to underline, dog-ear, study, teach, and beg your friends to read."
—Christina Clancy, author of The Second Home and Shoulder Season

"Stacy D. Flood is a remarkable talent, and I can't wait for the world to know his name."
—Edan Lepucki, author of Woman No. 17 and California

Stacy D. Flood’s work has appeared at ACT, Ghost Light Theatricals, Theatre Battery, and Theater Schmeater in Seattle, as well as in SOMA MagazineSeattle Weekly, three Seattle Fringe productions, the Akropolis Performance Lab’s New Year/New Play salon, Playlist Seattle, the Adaptive Arts Theatre Company’s Night of New Works, Macha Theatre Works’ Distillery series, Mirror Stage’s ‘Expand Upon’ readings, The Hansberry Project’s REPRESENT festival, Infinity Box’s Centrifuge, FUSION Theatre Company’s ‘The Seven’ Short Works Festival, and in Starbucks' The Way I See It campaign. He has served as an instructor at Seattle’s Hugo House and Portland’s Literary Arts as well as a lecturer at San Francisco State University—from which he holds an MA in English, an MFA in Creative Writing, and a Clark/Gross Novel Writing Award—and he has additionally been awarded both a Getty Fellowship to the Community of Writers and a Gregory Capasso Award in Fiction from the University at Buffalo. Furthermore, he has been a finalist in the Forward Flux ‘Three New American Plays’ competition as well as the Ashland New Play and Playwrights Foundation Bay Area festivals, and in addition, an artist-in-residence at DISQUIET in Lisbon and Millay Arts in New York. His play entitled The Optimist, or What Space Travel Means to Me will be featured as part of ACTLocal in 2022, and published by Lanternfish Press, The Salt Fields is his first novella.(Photo credit: Jennifer Richard Photography)

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