Social Justice Syllabus Book Club - Boys Will Be Boys

Founded in 2017, the Social Justice Syllabus Book Club invites community members to read together on themes related to equality and justice. During our first series, Social Justice Syllabus: Kaepernick’s Reading List, we read and discussed books the New York Times described as being inspirational to quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s activism. This foundational series of readings concluded in the summer of 2018. In our second series, Borders, we read fiction, nonfiction, and poetry about immigration, asylum, and borders. Borders ended in summer of 2019.

Our third series is Pages Against Patriarchy. Join us on the last Sunday of every month for insightful conversation. The first meeting of Social Justice Syllabus: Pages Against Patriarchy will discuss Boys Will Be Boys by Clementine Ford on Sunday, September 29 at 7pmEvery month our selected titles are discounted 20% through the date of the book club. All are welcome, no purchase required.

Ford demolishes the age-old assumption that superiority and aggression are natural realms for boys, and demonstrates how toxic masculinity creates a disturbingly limited and potentially dangerous idea of what it is to be a man. Boys Will Be Boys reveals how the patriarchy we live in is as harmful to boys and men as it is to women and girls, and asks what we have to do to reverse that damage. The world needs to - this book shows the way.

She is such an acerbic witty knowledgeable writer and backs up her position with statistics and studies.