Sam Wiebe - Cut You Down

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In conversation with Seattle mystery writer Brian Thornton (Book of Bastards; Seattle Noir)

Tabitha Sorenson is missing.

The bright but unstable student disappeared in the aftermath of a scandal involving millions of dollars in college funds, and her professor, Dana Essex, hires Vancouver PI Dave Wakeland to track down the student she just can't forget. When Wakeland discovers Tabitha has in fact stolen the money and is hiding out with her lover, Essex is crushed to learn that Tabitha is in love with someone else.

The next morning, Tabitha has been murdered and Essex has disappeared. Hounded by Tabitha's friends, the police, the press, and his own troubled conscience, Wakeland tries desperately to find Essex and make sense of what happened. Could it all have been a ruse from the start, and is Wakeland just another in a long line of suckers? While searching for Essex and investigating Sonia's partner, Wakeland encounters criminals, anarchists, and crooked authority figures--all of them desperate people who will stop at nothing to guard their secrets.

"Convincingly brings Raymond Chandler into the 21st century." —Publishers Weekly

"Haven't yet heard of Sam Wiebe? You will soon . . . Lots of personal demons and good backstories give this novel heft. Wiebe is definitely a writer on the rise." The Globe and Mail

"Sharp and terrific . . . A harrowing, superbly puzzling, and richly cinematic tale." —Vancouver Sun

Praise for Invisible Dead

"A story as appealing as it is mysterious." — Toronto Star 

"Sam Wiebe is going to become a modern master of noir." —Andrew F. Gulli, The Strand

Sam Wiebe is the author of Invisible Dead, the critically acclaimed first novel in the Wakeland series, as well as the stand-alone debut Last of the Independents. His work has won an Arthur Ellis Award and the Kobo Emerging Writers Prize, been nominated for a Shamus award, and been shortlisted for the City of Vancouver Book Award.