A River Story by Anna Odessa Linzer (Publication Studio)

American Book Award-winner Anna Odessa Linzer's new novel tells the story of Fish Town, a self-invented community that took root along the banks of the north fork of the Skagit River, near La Conner, Washington. The story is told by a young woman named Rose, recollecting her childhood, and an older man, Leo, recalling his late-in-life romance with both the place and the people of Fish Town.
Anna Odessa Linzer is a poet, prose-writer, and long-distance cold-water swimmer. Her first novel, Ghost Dancing was published by Picador USA.

This event is a unique collaboration between Third Place Press Espresso Book Machine and Publication studio. Third Place Press will be producing a special edition of this book for this event.


Visit their website www.publicationstudio.biz.