Mikaela Kiner - Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace

Join us on Tuesday, January 7 as we welcome Mikaela Kiner with her new book, Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace. 

If readers are not sure what a firebrand is, they are certain to find out in Mikaela Kiner’s powerful first book. Women of all generations will nod in recognition at the stories of 13 successful professional women from diverse backgrounds and industries as they recount the challenges they’ve faced in their careers and how they have overcome bias, sexism, and the power imbalance. 

Female Firebrands is an honest, modern, and solutions-oriented guide for dealing with situations women know all too well: sexual harassment, not being taken seriously, and being talked over, passed over, underpaid, and underappreciated. Mid-career women will read this book and know they’re not alone. Women earlier in their careers can save years of heartache and frustration by learning what’s worked for women who came before them.

Chapter checklists provide invaluable to-do lists for women, men who want to be their advocates, as well as HR and business leaders. Readers will learn how to– 
● Develop tools and techniques to stand and speak up on behalf of yourself and others when it’s both difficult and necessary 
● Get better at recognizing “little indignities” you don’t have to tolerate
● Understand what it means to be an informed, empowered advocate for women
● Increase awareness of your own blind spots and biases so you can learn from them 
● Recognize the role of privilege at work and how it can be used for positive change

MIKAELA KINER is a native Seattleite who spent fifteen years in HR before founding Reverb in 2015, providing People Ops services for startups. Mikaela serves on the board of Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) and is passionate about women and girls in tech.