Live on Zoom! Keith & Chenoa Egawa - The Whale Child

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An inspiring middle-grade chapter book that introduces young readers to the environmental challenges facing the planet through the eyes of Coast Salish characters and authors.

You have family on land as you do in the sea. . . being a caretaker of the earth begins with taking care of the water that all life depends on.

Shiny is a young whale. As he swims in the Pacific with his mother, he learns about the harm facing the world’s oceans. In hopes of warning humans of what’s at stake, Shiny agrees to be turned into a boy by the ocean’s water spirit. Shaky on his new legs and feet, Shiny meets Alex, a young Coast Salish girl in her homelands of the Pacific Northwest, and is welcomed as family. As the two become friends, Shiny talks to Alex about the living spirit of water. That spirit exists in everything--glaciers, rivers, oceans, rain, plants and all living creatures. Together the two travel the earth, confronting the realities of a planet threatened by an uncertain future. Inspired by Shiny’s hope, humor, and ancestral wisdom, Alex makes the promise to become a teacher for future generations. She realizes that the teachings of her ancestors as caretakers of the Earth are needed now more than ever, and that we must all stand up on behalf of Mother Earth.


Keith T.A. Egawa is a novelist who focuses on both adult and children's literature. He is a Washington native and a member of the Lummi Indian Nation. Egawa's extensive experience in the field of child welfare has provided him with both inspiration and insight into his subject matter.


Chenoa T.Y. Egawa is Coast Salish of the Lummi and S'Klallam Nations of Washington State. She is a medicine woman, singer, writer, illustrator, photographer, and teacher dedicated to bringing healing to our Mother Earth and to people of all origins. She is a voice to bring Native wisdom and perspectives to the world when these teachings are particularly poignant reminders of our shared responsibility to live with respect for ourselves, one another, and all that gives us life.


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