Leigh Calvez -The Breath of a Whale

Join us for an evening with Leigh Calvez as she discusses her new book, The Breath of a Whale.

From ancient blue whales and the elusive beaked whales to the familial—and struggling—orcas in our own backyard, The Breath of a Whale (Sasquatch Books) conveys the lives of the world’s most remarkable creatures through the work of dedicated researchers who have spent decades tracking and observing Pacific Ocean giants.

Leigh Calvez is the New York Times-bestselling author of The Hidden Lives of Owls (Sasquatch Books). She has worked with whales and dolphins as a scientist, naturalist, and nature writer, including as the Research Director for the Ocean Mammal Institute and on whale watch boats in Massachusetts, Hawaii, New Zealand, British Columbia, the Azores Islands off Portugal, and the San Juan Islands.