Laura Titzer - No Table Too Small

Discover Laura Titzer’s debut book, No Table Too Small, which provides practical advice to build a more effective movement for food system change. There is a growing need to overcome differences and find common values by rethinking collaboration and inclusivity. Laura will discuss the six capabilities of a change agent and provide tools and insights based on her personal and professional experiences for those working in the food system to incite change.

“Today's political and social climate is stymied by polarization and an inability to communicate with--or be understanding of--different points of view. Ironically, when so many aspects of our society are deemed in disrepair, this is the least effective way to bring about change. Instead, we should be looking for ways to build bridges between polarized sides; ways to hear and consider differing viewpoints; ways to find signals of recognition and respect for all parties involved.

Laura Titzer’s book provides a framework to reshape our food system through an inclusive and participatory process that focuses on discussion, finding common ground, and collective organizing. For activists, organizations, or change agents looking to incorporate these techniques into their methodology, No Table Too Small expertly and comprehensively lays the essential steps of true participatory change.” – Loren Cardeli, A Growing Culture

Drink and food specials are available from Raconteur during author events, so grab a glass and join us! All are welcome, no purchase required.