Kit Bakke - Protest on Trial

Join us for an evening with author Kit Bakke, author of her new book, Protest on Trial: The Seattle 7 Conspiracy.

The Seattle 7 embodied late 1960s counterculture--young, idealistic, active organizers against racism and the Vietnam War. In January 1970 they founded the Seattle Liberation Front (SLF). Nationally, the FBI was practicing secret and illegal tactics such as wiretapping, warrantless break-ins, and hiring informants and provocateurs to destroy organizations like the SLF. In Seattle, it went a step further. Months after a February 1970 protest at Seattle's downtown federal building turned violent, authorities arrested seven SLF leaders. The activists faced federal conspiracy and intent to riot indictments. During their chaotic trial in nearby Tacoma, they received a twelve-day crash course in the real American judicial system. When the prosecution's key witness faltered and the government's case appeared doomed, the presiding judge issued a surprise ruling to end the trial and send the defendants to prison.

Christopher Lynn "Kit" Bakke is an U.S. activist. In the 1960s, she actively fought for women's rights and civil rights and she protested the Vietnam War. In college, she helped to establish a new chapter of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Later, she became a member of the Weathermen, also called the Weather Underground, a militant leftist group. After leaving the Weather Underground, Bakke moved to Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, Bakke became a mother and worked as a nurse for many years. In 2006, her bio-memoir Miss Alcott's E-mail was published. Protest on Trial is her newest book.

Protest on Trial: The Seattle 7 Conspiracy Cover Image
ISBN: 9780874223569
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Published: Washington State University Press - February 15th, 2018