Kellie J. Wright - Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation

Internal Journeys is about learning to love yourself, so you can love others. Remembering that there is only one you and you are your most prized possession. No one knows you like you, no one can reach you like you, and your life is your gift to behold. Internal Journeys is about finding your true colors in life and vibrating to their frequencies.

Kellie J. Wright: Author, Self-Love Transformation Guide, Host of Conscious Speaks at Alternative Talk Radio 1150 AM KKNW,(, Transformational Speaker, Blogger, and Business owner at Internal Journeys.
Her first book Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation is a book of awakening sent forward in time.

Kellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her self-actualized process called The 90-Day Transformation. She has walked herself out of darkness into the light and become a mirror, seer and healer. Her ability to reflect back to you exactly who you are being, so you can find your true colors, vibrate to your own frequency, and lead you to a more peaceful and truthful existence.

“When we live in the present moment we can remember whom we came to be, and Shine Bright in the hues of our own intentions.” ~ Kellie J. Wright
Visit internaljourneys.comKellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her actualized process called "The 90-day Transformation". (909) 273-9600