KCLS Livestream: Theanne Griffith - The Magnificent Makers

This is a virtual event, taking place via King County Library System’s Zoom Channel! Register for this event here!


Ages 5 to 10.


The Magnificent Makers series follows Violet and Pablo as they adventure through the Maker Maze, a magical science-filled makerspace. Virtually meet the author and neuroscientist Theanne Griffith, learn how creative arts and science go hand in hand, and participate in a science experiment led by Griffith.

Supplies Needed:

-A pot
-A pinch of rice
-A wooden spoon
-Bowl covered with plastic wrap


Theanne Griffith can't get you into the Maker Maze (only Dr. Crisp can do that), but she can tell you a lot of cool science facts. She is a brain scientist by day (no, she's not a zombie) and a storyteller by night. She loves tinkering in the lab as much as she loves writing children's books. She lives in New Jersey with her family and three cats. Visit her online at theannegriffith.com or on Twitter at @doctheagrif.

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