Dr. Julie Pham with Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeil — 7 Forms of Respect: A Guide to Transforming Your Communication and Relationships at Work

A practical guide for any team leader and team player in the American workplace

Third Place Books welcomes Dr. Julie Pham, the CEO of CuriosityBased, for a discussion of her new book, 7 Forms of Respect: A Guide to Transforming Your Communication and Relationships at Work, a practical guide that provides tools for deciphering the unspoken code of workplace respect. Dr. Pham will be joined in conversation by Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeil, Organization Development Specialist for Pioneer Human Services and Principal Consultant at Hand in the Dark Consulting. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required in advance.

Copies of 7 Forms of Respect will be available for purchase at the store. This event will include a public signing and time for audience Q&A. Sustain our author series by purchasing a copy of the featured book!

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About 7 Forms of Respect. . .

In this practical guide for any team leader and team player in the American workplace, Dr. Julie Pham helps you navigate the ambiguity of what it means to respect others. She offers thought-provoking questions and exercises that will transform your communication and relationships with the people you work with in lasting and surprising ways.

This book will help you:

  • Provides tools for deciphering the unspoken code of workplace respect
  • Define what respect means to you personally
  • Understand why you act the way you do in different situations and with different people
  • Learn new vocabulary to communicate what respect means

The book is based on Dr. Pham's original research, which consisted of interviews, focus groups, and workshops, research questionnaires, assessments, and user tests on the assessments with over 400 people from diverse professional and personal backgrounds working in the United States.

Part 1: Contextualize
We can understand respect through three different dimensions: Hierarchy; Directionality (Give versus Get); and What matters to you. How you think about respect changes over time as you gain more experiences and interact with more people. We describe both personal and workplace factors that can influence how you interpret respect.

Part 2: Assess
An in-book assessment is included to give you a snapshot of the forms of respect that you currently prioritize. Within each form of respect are numerous examples of actions and behaviors that fall under the forms of respect. You can also access the online version of the assessment.

Part 3: Learn
|Respect is categorized into the 7 Forms of Respect: Procedure, Punctuality, Information, Candor, Consideration, Acknowledgment, and Attention. Each chapter focuses on a different form of respect. You are challenged with thought-provoking scenarios and questions to appreciate that respect is relative, contradictory, and subjective.

Part 4: Practice
Apply the 7 Forms of Respect to increase self-awareness, strengthen relationships, and communicate clearly. Spark conversations and storytelling that bring to life the underlying reasons for behaviors. We include 12 exercises to help you apply the 7 Forms of Respect to yourself, with others, and with your team. You are provided access to our online worksheets.



The different faces of respect


Julie Pham, PhD is an author, speaker, curiosity connoisseur, founder of 7 Forms of Respect, and dinner party enthusiast. She is the CEO of CuriosityBased, an organizational development firm that is dedicated to fostering curiosity in the world. Dr. Pham was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and raised in Seattle. She earned her PhD in history at Cambridge University as a Gates Cambridge Scholar and graduated magna cum laude from UC Berkeley, where she studied history. In her 15+ years of leadership experience, Dr. Pham has used her original research to bring people together from all walks of life to help them build trust and work collaboratively with one another. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

Elisebeth VanderWeil, PhD, is the author of Apocalyptic Best Practices: A unique approach to fear and change. She also works as Organization Development Specialist for Pioneer Human Services and Principal Consultant at Hand in the Dark Consulting, as well as volunteer librarian for The Whidbey Institute. When she isn’t doing one of these things, she is expanding her amigurumi crochet repertoire, playing with her dog, or discussing the finer points of Star Trek. Visit her online at www.elisebethvanderweil.com or www.handinthedark.net

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