POSTPONED: Judith Arcana - Grace Paley's Life Stories

Unfortunately, this event has been POSTPONED. We plan to reschedule soon! Please keep an eye on our website, follow us on social media, or sign up for our email newsletter to stay up to date on event cancellations and reschedules!


Grace Paley's Life Stories, the biography of renowned author and activist Grace Paley, explores the roots of her political consciousness and traces her work as an activist as it grew into her work as a storyteller. Grace teaches us what it takes and how to do it: Calling for liberation, peace and justice, crying out to save the burning earth, demanding healthcare for all and the right of women to determine the course of their lives. Her struggle through the decades — in the streets and in her stories — is the same as our struggle, right now.

Born and raised in the Great Lakes region, living now in the Pacific Northwest, Judith Arcana is a writer of poems, stories, essays, and books.  Praised by writers and readers, reviewers and community leaders, Judith’s work appears in collections and journals, online and on paper. More at