Jonathan Evison with Robert Sindelar — 'Again and Again: A Novel'

From one of the great, most creative novelists working today comes Again and Again, a compact ode to love found, lost, and yearned for.


Third Place Books welcomes the return of one of our favorite local writers, Jonathan Evison, to celebrate the release of his new novel, Again and Again. Evison will be joined in conversation by Robert Sindelar, the Managing Partner of Third Place Books. This event is free and open to the public.

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About Again and Again. . .

Geno is living out his final days in a nursing home, bored, curmudgeonly, and struggling to connect with his nursing assistant, Angel, who he sees as being different from him in every way possible, and unable to understand him in any way.

Perhaps no one really can, since he's been saying that he’s not just Geno—in fact, he’s lived many past lives, dating back 1000 years, and since that first life in Seville, Spain, he has been searching for the love of his life he met then and only one other time since.

Is this possible—was his life a miraculous one that let him live, again and again? Or is he crazy, or lonely, rehearsing larger-than-life fantasies to get through the day? As Angel comes to learn the truth about Geno, so do we, and as Geno’s story comes to a head so does the biggest truth of all: that his story is an expansive ode to love—love we have had and lost, love we wish we had but didn’t, and the love that might be staring us right in the face, that we don’t even know we’re lucky enough to have.


Praise for Again and Again. . .

“Evison’s dazzling new novel does what the best literature does, pulls us out of our lives and plunges us into another—in this case many others—and it does it in a way that is truly, mindbendingly, genius. A stunning Scherazade-told tale about the only subject that matters—love—Again and Again is about the stories we tell ourselves to create ourselves, the stories we believe, and the way a human heart can shatter and still find a kind of wholeness. To say I loved this book is an understatement.”
—Caroline Leavitt, author of Pictures of You

"A beguiling and big-hearted literary page-turner, Again and Again brims with narrative brio while also partaking in a poignant, timeless wisdom. Eugene’s voice enchanted me from the first page and wove its way into the fibers of my being, even and especially when I felt him start to tug at the rug under my feet.”
Antoine Wilson, author of Mouth to Mouth

"Who is Eugene Miles?  Visigoth thief, prisoner, centenarian, slave, janitor, decorated Marine—even, for a life, Oscar Wilde’s cat—or just a lonely old yarnspinner, a liar?  Jonathan Evison’s shapeshifting narrator may be stuck in a nowhere nursing home, yet he transports the reader to Seville under the Moors, Victorian London and every era of 20th century L.A.  Spanning a thousand years and one timeless love, Again and Again is a fantastical tale of longing and regret, and maybe also a sneaky fable of both how fallible and how hopeful we can be.”
—Stewart O'Nan, author of Henry, Himself

Jonathan Evison is the author of the novels Small World, All About Lulu, West of Here, The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving, This Is Your Life, Harriet Chance!, Lawn Boy, and Legends of the North Cascades. He lives with his wife and family in Washington State.

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