Jim Moats - Leading from the Edge of the Inside & Kim Lorenz - Tireless

Leading From the Edge of the Inside

"I have not read a more powerful book on business leadership." --James R. Doty, M.D., Founder and Director of CCARE, Stanford University and bestselling author of Into the Magic Shop

With the many challenges facing owners and leadership teams of privately-owned companies, trying to lead effectively can a bit elusive. The problems we face as leaders often feel complex to get our hands around and our resources seem scarce. Yet the heart felt urge to create something special within our organization remains strong.

Leading from the Edge of the Inside provides a simple path to shifting your leadership patterns and those of your leadership team. It brings to light the invisible patterns that no longer serve you, allows you to see these patterns and offers the structure for you and your leadership team to playfully practice shifting.

If you've noticed that traditional leadership levers are less and less effective you aren't alone. As you practice the essential conversations; value creation, execution, growth, leader effectiveness, management team coherence, collaboration, connection and inner fluency, traction will improve and your ability to scale will simplify. More importantly, the quality of meaning you and each employee experience will become measurable and leading will once again become more fun.

"The stories and essential conversations in this book will help you make a very important shift--one that has helped my management team experience 20x growth." --Monty Montoya, CEO, CorneaGen

" Leading from the Edge of the Inside unlocks management team formation in fresh ways. I look forward to leveraging this work in my CEO and Key Exec group." --Tom Leonard, Master Chair, Vistage International

"The essential conversations are a framework for dramatically increasing value creation for customers, employees, and owners. This approach will yield much better outcomes!" --Carole Whittaker, Ph.D., Enneagram teacher and spiritual director

Jim Moats is the CEO of Jim Moats & Associates where his work focuses on shifting the patterns of leadership teams to achieve long-term growth and sustainability. Jim also serves as a Master Chair through Vistage International, the largest CEO membership organization in the world. He has chaired a CEO and Key Executive group for the past twenty years and has been awarded the Chair excellence award eleven years in a row. He has served as the CEO/owner of a software company and as the CEO of an international not-for-profit. Prior to this Jim served in leadership roles in three Fortune 500 companies. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Nebraska Omaha and was trained as an Intelligence analyst/order of battle specialist in the US Army, serving in Vietnam and Europe. Jim lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Becky.



"Timeless tips on business success. A must-read for entrepreneurial-minded executives." --HOWARD BEHAR, President of Starbucks (retired)

What is it that makes someone a success in business? What drives an individual to create success? Is it being hit by a "lucky stick" or is it something else?

Lorenz started from nothing, a common theme, but founded two companies, ran them successfully and sold them to Fortune 500's. Through thought-provoking, insightful and engaging stories with real world examples Lorenz provides intuitive practical advice on the fundamentals of life success: seek and seize the opportunities in front of you. Your eyes will be opened to new possibilities at every turn of the page.

Your next decision could dictate the trajectory you take. How you spend your time, and the decisions you make all matter. You will enjoy learning how to see business and life differently, the opportunities that so many others fail to see.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Tireless is a testimony to those who strive to seek opportunity. It is a must-read for everyone that is determined to win.

"Great book for anyone in management of a business or thinking of starting a business. The real life stories illustrate ways to manage the obstacles you are sure to encounter. A great guide for business and life." --George Bagley, Airline President and CEO (former)

"Tireless embodies two very important truths in business; 'good enough is never good enough' and 'luck is when preparation meets opportunity'. Tireless is a testimony to those who strive to seek opportunity." --James Flaherty, Chairman of the Board, Deloitte LLP (former)

"Through our mutual involvement with Rotary International, I've witnessed Kim's 'Tireless' efforts to make the world better...one community at a time. This book models how to combine innovation and hard work to achieve success, both in business and in giving." --John T. Osterlund, Former GM, The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International

Kim Lorenz is an author, entrepreneur, and visionary who founded two companies starting at age 26 with no backing or funding, built and ran them successfully and sold them to Fortune 500 companies before he was 47. Through his years as a business owner, partner, and CEO, Kim has developed a key understanding of what it takes to succeed in business. Kim's mission is to teach vital tools essential for business success beyond what is taught in business schools. He earned his MBA from the University of Washington, Foster School of Business.

Kim is the former Commodore of the Seattle Yacht Club, a 39-year Rotarian. Serving as Rotary Liaison with World Vision, the collaborative teams he initiated have completed over $20 million in clean water projects with over 1 million beneficiaries in developing countries worldwide. He is a business consultant, proven leader, public speaker and motivator, a pilot for 40 years and holds a USCG Captains license. Kim lives with his wife in Bellevue WA.