Jean Godden - Citizen Jean (in conversation with Cathy Allen)

Seattle reporter, editor, columnist and city council member Jean Godden witnessed historic events, watched Seattle evolve into a civic and national affairs leader, met city and state movers and shakers, and became a local celebrity herself.

In Citizen Jean, the consummate observer recounts—as only she can—the Worlds Fair that got Seattle noticed, the citizen-led battle against freeways, the fight to keep Pike Place Market away from New York investors, the World Trade Organization protests, and more. Godden shares personal insights, delivers an insiders view of the citys newspaper strikes and rivalry, and casts a revealing look at regional politicians.

"For years, those of us who love our city have taken special pleasure that Jean was there with us, notebook in hand, pencil poised, madly scribbling what would become, in print, the most clever, insightful and profound reflections on the place we call home. From her first days as a reporter, to her days on the city council and beyond, Jean Godden and her ubiquitous notebook have been the essential guide to life in Seattle. - from the Foreword by Leonard Garfield, Executive Director, Museum of History and Industry

Jean Godden lived in more than 100 cities and towns before she moved to Seattle. It was simply "the most spectacular place" she had ever seen. She spent two decades as a reporter, editor, and columnist with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Seattle Times. It also was where she served as an activist and city councilmember, working toward reducing the country's largest gender wage gap and championing paid parental leave.

Cathy Allen is the VP of Education & Training and over several decades has helped recruit, train and elect women in 49 countries all over the world – from Africa to the South Pacific, from Alaska to Boston, from Morocco to Kuwait. As a consultant and women’s advisor to the National Democratic Institute and State Department, she has literally helped write the books and manuals on the need and know-how for women to lead where they land. Now the President of Seattle-based The Connections Group, Inc., she is a frequent political commentator for PBS, NBC, and CNN. She served as the national Vice-President of the National Women’s Political Caucus in the USA, and started the Center for Women & Democracy in 2000 to help women learn from each other – locally and globally. Cathy anchors CWD’s annual celebration of women leaders at the Governor’s Mansion event in March.