Irene Frances Olson - Requiem for the Status Quo

In this heartfelt debut novel, a widow who recently found her own footing takes on the task of caring for her father, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Olson explores the delicate balance of families upended by dementia, and reveals how family caregivers are often challenged by family members who are quick to condemn, but reticent to offer assistance.

Family caregivers are oftentimes ruthlessly challenged by uninvolved family members who are quick to condemn, but reticent to offer assistance. Such is the case for Colleen Strand, a widow who recently found her own footing who takes on the task of caring for her father, Patrick Quinn, recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Her older brother, Jonathan, criticizes Colleen at every turn and verbally abuses the father when he has the gall to exhibit symptoms of his disease. In short, Jonathan travels down the road of denial, leaving Colleen to deal with all matters regarding their father's care.

Connected tenuously to a father who barely remembers her and a brother who has become an enigma, Colleen faces the moving target that is Alzheimer's disease, determined to clothe her father with the dignity he deserves, while capturing the far too fleeting moments of time with him.

"As someone who has spent her career in the senior housing industry, I deem Requiem for the status quo a winner on two levels: It is an endearing story of the love between a daughter and a father, and it provides the reader with practical insight into the challenges faced by our aging population." —Polly Miller, former Chief Marketing Officer, AegisLiving

"A heartfelt and compelling story, relevant to so many family households across the globe, Requiem for the status quo is a must-read for all generations." Dwayne Clark, Chairman & CEO of TRUE Productions

"Ms. Olson's experience as a long-term care ombudsman, coupled with her own Alzheimer's caregiving experience, make her more than qualified to tell the story of families in turmoil, thrust into the learn-as-you-go task of caregiving."  Vicki Elting, Assistant Washington State LTC Ombudsman 

"In this stunning debut novel, Irene Frances Olson depicts with tenderness and grace one family's struggle to cope with the devastation of Alzheimer's disease." Anne Leigh Parrish, author of Women Within

Irene Frances Olson writes from passion and experience. She was her father’s caregiver during his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Having previously worked in memory care, she was not new to the disease, nor was her family immune. Irene hopes to make a difference in the lives of others by writing novels that encourage and support those who just might need another person in their corner.