Gregory Erich Phillips - The Love of Finished Years

An immigrant's powerful journey of aspiration and love in early twentieth century New York

This moving debut novel by Gregory Erich Phillips won the Grand Prize for Best Book of the Year in the Chanticleer Reviews International Writing Competition.

Pre WWI, Elsa came to America with her eyes wide open, realizing it was up to her to make a life for herself. Surviving a sweat shop in lower Manhattan, a chance job with a Long island elite family opens up her world. Invited in up to a point, she unwittingly, albeit precariously, crosses the social divide with her now open heart which puts all she worked for in jeopardy.

"What a truly wonderful story! I’ve read it three times, and with each reading I find myself caring about the fabulous characters and their lives even more.” —P. J. Alderman, New York Times bestselling author

“From the riveting opening ... until its gripping conclusion, this enthralling ovel vividly portrays the desperate times of German immigrants landing at Ellis Island in 1905. A timely read ... it illuminates the issues that we are experiencing a century later ... Phillips reminds us that love, light, and perseverance can help us find a way to overcome almost any obstacle.” —Chanticleer Reviews

Gregory Erich Phillips is currently working on his next novel. Inspired by his literary family, Gregory enjoys researching historical context for his characters to explore. Living in Seattle, he moonlights as an accomplished tango dancer and violinist.