David Stoesz - 17 Resentment Court

Perfect for dark, cold nights: A radio-play style presentation of excerpts from 17 Resentment Court by David W.Stoesz, featuring a trio of performers led by Christine Longé. Everyone who purchases 17 Resentment Court at this event will receive a free copy 61 Stories, the author's zine-length collection of extremely short fiction.

A darkly whimsical crime thriller from Mouse House Books, 17 Resentment Court zips along through the alleys, bike paths, fancy homes, and corporate offices of the rainy Northwest metropolis of Plankton.

A newcomer to Plankton, Pope Smith arrives with a broken heart and a bloodshot eye, a souvenir from an angry husband. “I offered to let him hit me in the face. I didn’t know he would be so good at hitting.”

Controlling his emotions through the practice of Business Yoga, and taking a job as a low-level grunt for a private detective, Pope soon finds himself impersonating his employer and doing a bit of burglary—an experience that fills him with bitchy disdain for the level of criminal sophistication in Plankton. “Not that I’m a criminal myself,” says Pope, narrating his own tale. “Sure, I used to be part of what you might technically call a ‘burglary ring.’ But that’s a misleading term.”

David W. Stoesz wrote the popular Seattle Weekly column “Ask an Uptight Seattleite,” and is the author of A Sensitive Liberal’s Guide to Life (Gotham, 2010). More at davidwstoesz.com.

17 Resentment Court Cover Image
By David W. Stoesz, Marie Bouassi (Cover Design by)
ISBN: 9781945327056
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Published: David Stoesz - September 21st, 2018