Charles Soule with Chris Schleup — 'The Endless Vessel: A Novel'

Combining the wonder of The Midnight Library, the inventiveness of Ready Player One, and the artistry of Cloud Atlas, this novel explores the way we’re all connected—and what can happen when we lose our capacity for joy.


Third Place Books welcomes comic book writer, musician, and attorney Charles Soule for a discussion of his new novel, The Endless Vessel. Soule will be joined in conversation by Chris Schluep, former editor at Dell Rey Books. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required in advance.

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About The Endless Vessel: A Novel. . .

A few years from now, in a world similar to ours, there exists a sort of “depression plague” that people refer to simply as “The Grey.” No one can predict whom it will afflict, or how, but once infected, there’s no coming back.  

A young Hong Kong based scientist, Lily Barnes, is trying to maintain her inner light in an increasingly dark world. The human race is dwindling, and people fighting to push forward are increasingly rare. One day, Lily comes across something that seems to be addressing her directly, calling to her, asking her to follow a path to whatever lies at its end. Is this the Endless Vessel to happiness? She leaves her life behind and sets out through time and space to find out. 

From its opening heart-stopping scene in the present day at the Louvre in Paris, through the earthly meetings between Lily and her loved ones past and present, to a shocking and satisfying conclusion in a truly enchanted forest, Charles Soule has channeled history, science and drama to create a story for the ages—a story of hope and love and possibility. This is a novel you will not soon forget.


Praise for The Endless Vessel: A Novel. . .

"The Endless Vessel is a thrilling hunt, haunting mystery, and ominous prediction all in one, but most of all, it’s a poignant reminder of what it means to be human—to despair, to love, and to refuse to give up hope, even in the final hour."
Peng Shepherd, author of The Cartographers

"[A] hugely entertaining near-future dystopian thriller from comic book writer Soule (Anyone) . . . . Rich characters and a full-throttle plot, plus a solid finale, elevate this page-turner. It’s a winner.”
Publishers Weekly

“Soule captures the despair and loneliness of people struggling to survive in a damaged world, stringing eager readers along until the very end.”

Charles Soule is a New York-based, #1 New York Times best-selling novelist, comic book writer, musician and former attorney. He is the author of some of the most prominent comic stories of the last decade for Marvel, DC and Lucasfilm, including a groundbreaking run on Daredevil, the mega-bestsellers Death of Wolverine and Darth Vader, and a run on She-Hulk that served as inspiration for the Disney+ television show. In addition, he works as a Creative Consultant for Lucasfilm Ltd. within the Star Wars universe and is the writer of the acclaimed creator-owned comic series Eight Billion Genies, Undiscovered Country, Letter 44 and Curse Words.

Chris Schluep has been working in books for 25 years. He started at Del Rey, where he edited works by Arthur C. Clarke, Richard K. Morgan, China Mieville, and Bryan Lee O’Malley, plus a whole lot more. Eventually, he found his way out to Seattle, where he managed the Amazon editors who pick the Best-of books. After nearly a dozen years, he left Amazon in March.

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