Ca Do - Good Language

We will all undoubtedly experience adversity and suffering in life. Good Language will show you how to use that adversity as a catalyst to write a new story for yourself and your friends/family. Good Language chronicles the untold stories of familiar household names who transcended their adversity, to not just survive, but thrive.

Ca Do is a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and author based out of Seattle, Washington. With a special affinity for collecting motivational & inspirational quotes at an early age, he is well-versed in positive psychology, self improvement, and the understanding of what role language and words play in a person’s self-development. 10 years in the fitness industry and multiple leadership positions held has helped Ca use the skills, experience, and knowledge he has gained to help people that come along his path in their own personal journey to be the best version of themselves. Born in Vietnam and sponsored to America at an early age, Ca has a contagious glass half-full eternal optimist perspective on life that’s hard to ignore.

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