Brandie Ahlgren - Doggone Travel & Adventure Guide

After 13 years of digging up the best places to sit, stay and play with your pooch in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle's own CityDog Magazine is putting it all in one place -- the Doggone Travel+Adventure Guide.

The Doggone Travel+Adventure Guide is chock full of the best doggone getaways, the best dog-friendly hotels, and the best destinations for you and your travel hound.

It's your go-to guide to hit the road with Rover -- from wine tasting in Walla Walla, to exploring the Olympic Peninsula, to kicking it with your canine on the Oregon Coast -- it truly is the best doggone travel guide for dog lovers in the Pacific Northwest!

CityDog founder and editor Brandie Ahlgren will share some of her favorite Fido-friendly getaways found in the 200-page, full color guidebook, which features over 350 photos shot by professional Northwest photographers.

Over 13 years ago, Brandie Ahlgren, was introduced to an entirely new universe when Scout, an eight-week-old boxer puppy entered her life. “I am proof of how a dog can change your life,” says Brandie. The world of dog-park etiquette, puppy kindergarten and the sense of panic that comes with the realization that you’ve left the house without a baggy, was a whole new experience. “I didn’t grow up with dogs, so puppy parenting was new territory for me,” she adds. “I found most of my information came through word-of-mouth at the dog park, which is fine, but a go-to resource with fresh, up-to-date content was missing.” Hence, the concept for CityDog Magazine was born and all these years later, is still going strong. Brandie and her team of dog loving editors dig up the best places to sit, stay and play for you and your furry, four-legged friends. She resides in West Seattle with her dog, Thya (a boxer), and can often be found hanging out at Westcrest dog park. For more information, visit