The BookClub Seattle - Life Matters

"What really matters about making life joyful turns out to be the simple choices we make. These first-time authors do a splendid job of providing us with readings to support the notion that we are sisters still traveling life's road, finding our way, and enjoying the journey."

--Mona Lake Jones, The Color of Culture II

In a compilation of short stories, members of an all-female, African American book club share original tales inspired by real-life experiences that cover a wide range of relatable themes that include: Dealing with life threatening illnesses and exploration into ancestral ties; Encouraging parishioners to continue struggles in the segregated south and a church going con artist; Neighborhood relationships brought about by a car and family relationships as seen through the eyes of the young and younger; Challenging life after Jim Crow and Black survival in corporate America; A young child's escape from abuse and a military adolescent's transition from Europe to the states; and explorations into the myth of love at first sight and a casual girls' night out. We wrote about the things and people that matter in our lives.

Life Matters shares short stories that interweaves diverse characters and situations to provide a glimpse into different eras and challenges within African American history.

In 1991, a group of friends came together to share and celebrate books written by authors of African descent and formed The BookClub Seattle.  The book club is composed of everyday women who are faced with everyday issues. Some of them have been friends for more than sixty years. These ladies also shared decades of one another’s lives, joys, challenges, laughter and tears. 

In 1997, they decided they would try their own hand at writing a book.  To accomplish this, each member would write a short story to capture how their individual experience added to the beautiful multicolored quilt of community and life.  They named their book Life Matters.  The manuscript was put on a shelf.  Now seventeen years later, they decided to resurrect the book. The name of the book, Life Matters, is still the same. The stories include subjects of civil rights, coming-of-age, career situations, vacation reflections, family relationships, love and more.