Bob Peterson in-conversation with Tony Angell


Clint Eastwood. Michael Jordan. Joan Baez. LIFE magazine photographer Bob Peterson shot everyone who's anyone over more than sixty years of journalism and advertising. His larger-than-life collection, Bob Peterson, brings together his best and most arresting images, from Philip Roth and Janis Joplin to the mouth-watering cuisine of Paris.

He will be joined in-conversation with Tony Angell, the author and illustrator of a dozen award-winning books related to natural history. Join us in Lake Forest Park for this special author event!

Originally based in New York City, Bob Peterson was assigned to cover many of the top news and feature stories as a contract photographer for LIFE and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Magazines. He specialized in personality profiles of America's most interesting people.

Peterson photographed writers Norman Mailer (his first LIFE cover), Philip Roth, Mario Puzo and Joe Heller; actors Clint Eastwood, David Cassidy and Jon Voight (all three were cover subjects); activists Dr. Benjamin Spock and William Sloane Coffin; lawyer F. Lee Bailey; architect Walter Gropius; Women's Wear Daily publisher, John Fairchild; presidential candidates Nelson Rockefeller and Eugene McCarthy, and presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. 

 After Peterson moved to his home town of Seattle he continued to cover stories for the Time/Life organization. When the weekly LIFE ceased to publish, Peterson focused on the advertising market. In photographing people, Peterson demonstrates his LIFE-trained talent for gaining cooperation from those around him, resulting in relaxed, natural, pleasing poses from his subjects -- whether they are high fashion models, busy executives or sports heros. In 1976 he also published a book, Seattle Discovered, considered by many to be a classic work on the image and mood of a city. Peterson’s newest book, Edgewalking On Pacific Rim, an intimate portrait of twelve Northwest writers, was published in 1994.

Peterson's clients include virtually every significant Northwest advertising agency, many national agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy, and international agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Hokuhodo, Inc.,as well as many major corporations. He has captured many of the images used on the NIKE posters, including the first "There Is No Finish Line," the dedicated runner's classic. Michael Jordan, David Robinson and Charles Barkley are among some of the sports stars featured on other NIKE posters by Peterson.  

In the past five years, Peterson has continued to live up to his formidable reputation as one of the country's most imaginative and reliable commercial and advertising photographers. He also excells as a television commercial director. Peterson specializes in people, dialogue and action. Today he pursues work both as a director and a photographer.