Amy Zhao - The Legendary Judges of Magic

In this action-packed adventure, Pia the Pinena Fairy, helped her Magicore friend Furball and their fairy friend Sapphire, discovered something truly astonishing and awesome. 
They had close encounters with amazing creatures and scary monsters, battled against fire breathing dragon. 
They faced engraving dangers and they almost couldn't make it. 
They exhausted all their strength and powers - brain and muscle alike. 
They had only one goal in their mind - to find the Legendary Judges of Magic and pass their insanely harsh tests. 
But what was the reason that drove them to do that? 
They found the results were truly rewarding, and it may echo in everyday life. 

Amy Zhao was in her 4th grade at Sunrise Elementary (Redmond, WA) when she wrote this book. She wants to become a great author, and wishes her books can be among the best sellers of kid fairy books someday. She also likes to design comic books and wants to work on animation. She lives in greater Seattle, WA.