Alan Hardwick - Never Been This Close to Crazy

"Uplifting and utterly compelling..." - Robert Dugoni, International Best-Selling Author of The Tracy Crosswhite Series

"Watch out for the crazy ones," they said. But dating after 40 means you gotta sort through all that, right? Sure, Alex Hill had baggage, but he wasn't crazy-it was just everything around him, like his ex-wife. And maybe his kids. Ok, and his job. A guitar-playing cop on a top-secret FBI task force who borrows his parent's station wagon while struggling to raise 5 kids on his own wasn't really what the straight-forward human resources professional Nikki Myers was looking for, but Alex sure was cute...and a good, intelligent man, which was more than she'd found so far. Nikki didn't want to change him-Alex didn't need it. But she did want to change his world-he deserved it. 

Worlds collide in the seaside town of Edmonds, Washington when Nikki discovers how far she is willing to go to protect Alex and his family from the unpredictable fallout of mental illness. Readers of Gillian Flynn, Maria Semple, and Garth Stein will be quickly drawn in and hooked for the ride into the deep-end of someone else's crazy, leaving you with laughs, love, and an overcooked sense of guilty pleasure when Nikki's own secrets are revealed.

Alan Hardwick is a 28-year law enforcement professional who has fulfilled his dream of becoming an author in 2019. He lives in Edmonds, Washington with his wife and their three 4-legged boys, Arthur, Walter, and Sherman.