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What this book has going for it is 1) deeply creepy tales of how fascists secretly operate, 2) a cloak-and-dagger investigation into current fascist inroads into political movements and 3) a solid theoretical and historical background.

One of the underreported aspects of the Dylan Roof story in Charleston, SC, was the many connections that local and state politicians had to some of the reactionary groups that inspired Roof’s crime.

Against the Fascist Creep follows those threads. It takes the reader on a haunted tour from Moscow to Barcelona, Charleston to Portland, in a sweeping look at the fascist vanguard, its history, and its influence on mainstream society. Ross helps us decipher the codes of neo-fascist groups lurking on the fringes of radical movements, providing a sort of cryptography that interprets deranged and complex workings of esoteric neo-Nazi sects, with names like “national anarchists,” Third Positionists, and National Bolsheviks.

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ISBN-13: 9781849352451
Publisher: AK Press
Publication Date: February 20th, 2017