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  • For readers of Fox & I**,** The Hummingbird’s Gift**, and** Finding the Mother Tree**:** readers of books about an author’s obsession with understanding an animal or plant will love Deer Man.
  • Observant writing about trees and forests: while Delorme studies the deer over seven years of living in the wild, he observes their dependence on trees for shelter and food and the destruction of their forest habitat due to logging and development.
  • Literary: Delorme is delicate and descriptive as he writes about the lives of the deer.
  • Twist ending: When Delorme encounters a woman walking in the woods, he is forced to reevaluate the past seven years of his life: does he want to continue with the deer, or share their story with the world?
  • Most books about deer are about hunting them. Not this book. Deer Man dives into the hidden lives of deer, revealing what they eat, how they battle for territory, how they find a mate and protect their young, why they are essential to the forest ecosystems, and why they are increasingly threatened by humans.
  • Will interest fans of the newly released The Original Bambi.
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ISBN-13: 9781771649803
Publisher: Greystone Books
Publication Date: September 26th, 2022