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Jake Barnes, a wounded war veteran, is now working as a journalist in Paris in the aftermath of World War I, and he and his American and British expatriate friends—among them his occasional love interest, Lady Brett Ashley—search for meaning and purpose in their unmoored lives. Against the backdrop of bullfights in Pamplona and wine-soaked nights in Parisian cafes, they grapple with the existential question of how to find fulfillment in a world marked by loss and uncertainty.

Literary history and meaning: The Sun Also Rises was first published in 1926. Set in the post–World War I era, the novel follows a group of expatriates as they travel from Paris to Pamplona to attend the Running of the Bulls. Through the experiences of the protagonist, Jake Barnes, and his circle of friends, Hemingway explores themes of disillusionment, aimlessness, and the search for meaning in a world shattered by war. Hemingway's spare prose style and depiction of the "Lost Generation" captured the spirit of the time and solidified his reputation as one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. Its relevance today lies in its portrayal of existential angst and disillusionment, as well as its exploration of themes such as masculinity, friendship, and the quest for authenticity in an increasingly fragmented world.