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First published in 1910, “The Emerald City of Oz” is the sixth book of L. Frank Baum’s famed “Oz” series. In this installment of the beloved tale, Dorothy Gale takes her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry to live in Oz after they lose their farm and livelihood back in Kansas. Once in Oz, her guardians finally discover that Dorothy’s tales of this fantastical land are true and they meet a wide variety of strange and interesting characters, from the paper dolls of Miss Cuttenclip, to the pastries of Bunbury, as well as the familiar Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and Billina the Yellow Hen. All is not well in this magical land however, for the jealous and vengeful Nome King Roquat wishes to seize the land of Oz and take back his magical belt from Dorothy and Princess Ozma. The old soldier Gulph agrees to set out in search of allies for the Nome Army, and he encounters an array of disturbing creatures, from the strangely disproportionate Whimsies to the evil Phantasms. It will take the curious magic and ingenuity of the citizens of Oz to overcome the enemy and protect their precious Emerald City in this entertaining volume of Baum’s timeless series. This edition includes a biographical afterword.