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When your heart can't say the words, let a mix-tape do the talking.

Tia Mercury is a freshman in high school and has her first serious crush...on a senior who won't touch her. At least not until she turns eighteen.

Clinton Daniels is not your everyday teenage boy, and because his tougher-than-nails father won't let him forget it, Clinton becomes a loner. And learns to distrust everyone.

Until he meets Tia. She's sweet, she's funny, and she knows nothing about good music. It's the nineteen-eighties for goodness sake...time to turn off that AM radio crap.

So, while Tia drools over Clinton, he's busy making her mix-tapes. She's falling in love. He's ignoring his heart.

See, Clinton has a secret. But sharing it could cost him their friendship, and he's not willing to risk losing the only person he's ever loved.

Love Me Anyway is a serious story that spans a decade. A young adult, coming of age tale about unconditional love and what two people are willing to look past to prove that love.


Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780999783405
Publisher: Fated Hearts Publishing
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2018