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So You Want to Start a Book Club...

So You Want to Start a Book Club...

Hello! Welcome to your crash course in starting a book club! Book clubs are an excellent way to start and maintain community, one of our biggest priorities here at Third Place Books, as we have always aspired to be your “third place”. We have loved hosting book clubs in our stores in the past, and more recently virtually, and we want to continue to partner with you as you develop and grow your “third place” in your community through book clubs! Below I have outlined some questions and suggestions for how you can launch your own literary community. 

If you have a book club, or are hoping to start one, we want to partner with you! When you register your book club with us, we'll work to keep your selections in stock and each member will recieve a 20% discount on the book pick for the upcoming month's meeting. To register your book club, please send me (Sarah, Book Clubs Coordinator) an email at with your book club name, number of members, and when you meet. We love supporting the local book clubs in our community :)

One Year Later, We Are Still Your ‘Third Place’

One Year Later, We Are Still Your ‘Third Place’

Do you know the meaning behind the name of our bookstore? I didn’t know the backstory behind it until I started working here as a bookseller, so I feel it’s important to bring it up. The name originates from a theory proposed by sociologist Ray Oldenberg that says every person needs three places: first is your home; second is your workplace or school; and third is your community. A place where people from all walks of life can come together and both experience and celebrate their commonality as well as their diversity. It is a ‘third place’.

Music and Isolation and Community, but Mostly Music

There was a time when I would, fairly frequently, go to see concerts alone. I lived more than an hour from Seattle then, but I would duck out of work early on a Friday and drive to see whoever was in town. I had just gone through the breakup of a long-term relationship, and was experiencing the very specific mix of scrutiny and isolation that comes, in the wake of such a thing, in a town still small enough somehow for people to know you.

What Is Your Third Place?

In this age of quarantine, we all have something in common. Until a few weeks ago, most of us had three separate and distinct “places” in our lives: our homes, our workplaces, and our third places – those places for, well, just about everything else. These third places are where we engage in essential social experiences, where we come together, where we meet friends, practice our hobbies, and express ourselves.

Three different activities, three different identities, built on a lifetime of habit. And for the last few weeks, they have all been reduced to one place: Our homes.

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